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lots of hostility here folks.

I love the mix of rustic/modern elements. Beautiful house and a gorgeous setting.

The jumbled, cluttered photos: I assumed this to be a "before/during" to show contrast. just as a frame of reference.

Regarding the big/little arguments: I like to see large houses on occasion..many of the ideas can easily be incorporated into a small place.

Ya'll need to lighten up

Riki & Allen's Texas-Modern Remodel House Tour
3/19/12 04:59 PM

gorgeous house. simple, refined, light and yet elegant

Houses become homes when people live real lives within them. I prefer to view homes, although it does seem sometimes a bit like stalking. The point is, if they invite us into their home, and they'd like to include photos of themselves, what is the problem? They have granted this special privilege. (so stop whining)

I think this home, and the people who enjoy living in it are all delightful.

Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch House Tour
3/6/12 12:50 AM

This home is lovely, full of light and vibrancy. Love the kitchen, the outdoor spaces, the library/stair well area. All good grist for my mill.

to you naysayers: yes, the photos could be better. But I've seen a lot worse, but interestingly not such negative comments.

I was and still am, delighted to FINALLY see a home owned/decorated by someone over 37! I was starting to think AT had some weird age restriction. Now that I've seen all the comments I'm wondering how that plays into all your comments. Think about it.

Julie's Witty & Whimsical 'Artsy Nerd' Home
Tech Tour

2/21/12 04:11 PM

I love it.

About the art: with so many gorgeous views from many angles, not much is required. Actually she does have some art (lovely) if you look again. But really, if the house moves, you wouldn't want a lot of pieces on the wall or you'd constantly be straightening them.
I say she's go it all just right.

Sue's Simply Stunning Houseboat
House Tour

9/10/11 11:15 AM

Did anyone notice this (?): in its original state, the bedroom carpet seems a horrid shade of tan/brown. But now it looks like the wet sand on the beach! Amazing.

Trent's Relaxing, Beach-like Retreat
House Tour

6/17/11 08:16 PM

I love it. the understated-ness—and the colors—of this home provides a sense of calm, which is what many of us desire in our home. It is all very cohesive. The kitchen is fabulous, and I would love to borrow this exact idea.

BTW, I love the chair by the door, but I would move it to the living area. for same reason mentioned previously.

and the comment about the breakfast area: Clearly this is to illustrate why this eating area configuration works well for this homeowner. (ie, we don't always need to be looking directly at our dining companion)

Edyta's Modern with a Dab of Drama Home
House Tour

2/25/11 01:00 PM

like the energy of the bright colors, but can't stop thinking "mustard and ketshup"... I suggest a third color.

Praveen's Innovative and Playful Home
House Tour

2/20/11 08:15 PM

just another upscale hotel penthouse suite. Nothing too creative, but love the views. The best part: the only reference to actual human inhabitants is the prescription bottles on the counter. Is this a reference to the Viagra scene from the movie? anyway, I do wonder just what drugs are in those pill bottles. Very clever.

Erica & Harry Combine Forces at the Setai
House Tour

11/19/10 01:54 PM

I see this tour as a social commentary piece—kinda a spoof on the whole tour concept. "oh, ya, so you can gussy up your place with $30,000? well here is what we have to work with!"

If my take on this is correct, here is my response: first: we've all been there, shopping for furniture in the dumpster down the street. Second, yes, sometimes design folks can be snob, or even boorish. (so, 'guess you showed them.) Third, yes, home design can be overrated in the grand scheme of things.

On the other hand, if this is meant as a serious tour, I would say this: the botanical print is nice, and I like framed maps as art. I like minimalism, but if not handled with some finesse, even a few pieces can look cluttered and not pulled-together. Also, I do appreciate that in the exterior shots, you cannot control what the other tenants have done. Overall, this would not be a something anyone should strive to replicate.

I really appreciate other tours I've seen here where tenants have done something lovely with very little money. A little imagination goes a long way!

Auni's Cottage in the City
House Tour

11/8/10 03:27 PM

love it...the extra dose of white in the sitting corner is a great idea. Otherwise it might look cluttered. About the floor plan...I had no idea figuring out from the photos. So by my reasoning, when the doors are closed, (ie, the bathroom and the closet), the shoes are IN the closet. Right were they are supposed to be! right? fabulous!

Caroline's Pint Size Retro Whimsy On A Budget
House Tour

10/23/10 10:06 PM