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We just redid our kitchen and I wanted all white everything. I conceded on the stainless range at my husband's request. I wish I hadn't. It does stand out and bothers me a bit, even though it is a spectacular range. Kitchens look lovely in white.

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5/31/11 05:38 PM

My Question is, where to get those beautiful wallpapers! I have scoured the Internet looking for vintage French wallpaper but haven't found anything so bold or saturated.

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5/4/11 11:04 AM

art made by a friend which includes a troll doll head (including crown made from a dollar bill) on a gold plastic crucifix, affixed to 10 inch square, purple-painted, piece of plywood, edged in christmas garland.

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4/19/11 04:04 PM

Here's the deal, that stainless steel tile, albeit slick and modern, is cold. There is a warm undertone in the gray of the cabinets. It's like putting two types of gray next to each other. It kind of clashes. I would suggest a cream/almond subway tiles or, I like these tiles:

Maybe with a gray grout to pull it together. I do agree with changing out the door/drawer pulls.

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10/22/10 06:34 PM