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A man who never met a C-O-Drawers that he didn't like! I'm with you on that! Loved everything. Highlights... Simple metal shelves for hallway library. COD for side table in LVRM. The view - duh! The art! Lots of texture, wood tones, styles...but never busy.

Bernard's Time Traveller's Life
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2/4/11 07:30 PM

I liked them all, but, just from the pictures, I didn't follow how the stencil project was accomplished.

Step-by-Step Painting Projects: Bring on the Blues
2/4/11 07:17 PM

1) Inspiring post. I'm always afraid of projects that involve electricity, but this made it sound very safe and doable.
2) I applaud you for managing to cook (and obviously you do) in that little kitchen. You are making good use of the available space, while not spending a lot of money to do it. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had as much money as we wanted to hide our pots, rebuild our islands and invest in high-end fixtures.
3) Where did you get your cabinets? Are they big box or Ikea?
4) I think oven cleaner could work on the bottom of the pots if you wanted to buff and shine them.
5) Is the soffit only filling space or hiding something? For your next DIY, you might consider removing it to gain storage space. I'd love to see that project in-progress! Lordy knows, there are a lot of soffits out there that need to be removed.

How To Install Track Lighting & Improve Your Kitchen
2/2/11 07:33 PM

"...white...makes all foods look good." My mother put that notion in my head years ago and I've not been able to take patterned dishware seriously since! As with wearing classic clothing, you just have to know how to accessorize.

Best Everyday China 2010
11/10/10 08:10 PM