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I wonder if this is true, as it is a very old joke. You may want to question your "father"

"An American business man in his late twenties is in Germany with fellow German colleagues. The highest ranking German order a Jagermeirter for everyone. The American see this as a party drink and downs the drink at once to prove he can relate to the Germans, but as he sets down the glass, the Germans look surprised he would do such a thing."

Can Shots Be Sophisticated? And Is There a Difference Between a Shot and a Shooter? The 10-Minute Happy Hour
12/1/12 08:48 PM

Yes, playminxie. That reminds me of a recent disaster at my workplace.

50% of our office was flooded with water due to the warming Minnesota days. Production engineering (my dept) was completely underwater. We had to move where ever we had room for the next two weeks while repairs were being made.

We stuffed 5 loud, clicky, typie, talkie mechanical engineers directly into the heart of the HR department. I felt so bad for the gals in HR, being that I was the worst of all of the mech engineers.

Would You Spend Cash on a Silent-Click Mouse?
3/30/11 08:54 PM

Stackables are (usually) always front loading. Make sure that after every wash, you leave the door open a bit to let the insides completely evaporate dry.

Tricks to Stacking Any Washer & Dryer to Save Space
3/30/11 08:47 PM

I also wanted to add, a magic eraser is a fairly magical tool to use on keyboards and palm rests. I've used them on my Think pad and and old Mac book to great effectiveness.

Keyboard Cleaning Tools (That are Free!)
3/22/11 08:48 PM

Google didn't exist when I graduated, I received a new AOL CD every month, I actually did own a computer, it had a 133 mhz processor, and I think it had a 1 GB hard drive.

How Gmail Replaced my Exchange Server...Really!
2/4/11 07:13 PM

To put to rest the backplate warrenty myth. I asked this question to a friend who is a sales person with the MOA Apple store.

I was told that changing the back plate will not officially void your warranty, but an uptight employee from any store may have a hissy-fit and refuse to work on your iPhone 4. We both agreed that if you think your going to go into the Apple store with a iPhone problem, switch back to that old plate.

I replaced my back plate when unplgged ran the story of the alum. brushed back plate replacement. Its so easy to replace the backplate, it's almost like this was going to be an overpriced Apple-supplied customization that never received Job's approval.

My Tech Top 10: Joel Pirela
12/31/10 11:15 AM

I've never experienced guests wanting to use a computer. Mainly, guests bring their own computers and wanting to use my wifi. I find it far more benifical to make a guest network in my router's settings

Create Computer Guest Account For Visitors
12/15/10 08:03 PM

I have a cd case just dedicated to installation and driver discs for my electronics and equipment. I hope I can buy sleeve pages for USB thumbs drives as well...

From Installation Discs to Thumb Drives and Beyond
10/21/10 07:25 PM

We actually outfitted our new offices with the top of the line, aeron chairs. They're out of this world in comfort, but the price tag for the office ran into six digits. Yikes! Thank god for deep pockets.

Sit4Less: High and Low Task Chairs
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10/21/10 07:21 PM