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One of the problems with phalaenopsis is that they are often grown in sphagnum moss. This works well in the hot and humid commercial greenhouses, but in the home the roots usually start to rot. So if you can't seem to keep them alive for more than a couple months, you could try repotting them in bark after you buy them.

Long-lasting, Easy Care Plants for Black Thumbs
4/1/11 11:27 PM

When they say "season to taste" for things that you can't taste until it's done, like quiche. What, am I supposed to be gulping down the raw egg/milk mix to figure out if it needs more salt?

Cooking Confessions: What Are Your Recipe Pet Peeves?
2/24/11 06:47 PM

My bargain priced CFLs have been through at least 3 different apartments, so they have lasted at least 6 years. And to the people complaining about dimness, you do realize that you can just use higher watt bulbs, right? You could even put in 100+ watt ones and have your own grow-op.

Will You Hoard Incandescents Before the Phase-Out?
2/8/11 10:17 PM

Huh, I actually had a zombie apocalypse dream last night. My dream-self's solution was to head to the ocean so that I could hide out on an island. So obviously the answer is a beach house! (wait, zombies can't swim, right?)

Zombies are Attacking! Which House Do You Hide In?
11/11/10 02:14 AM

Hey, so I learned something new today. Evidently glucose syrups (like corn syrups) have been around since at least 1811, probably earlier, because all you have to do to make it is add an acid to the starch then heat it for a long, long time.

Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie: A Corn Syrup-Free Recipe
11/11/10 02:07 AM

Also, @cmcinnyc: Holy shit, someone actually used toxin and toxic correctly! You do not know how happy that makes me.

Gwyneth Paltrow On Breaking Sugar Addiction

11/4/10 11:23 PM

If you classify sugar as addictive, then we would also have to say that taking a walk of hugging a loved one is addictive. All those activities will release dopamine, but somehow I don't see any "lifestyle experts" getting behind the "don't hug your kids" idea.

Gwyneth Paltrow On Breaking Sugar Addiction

11/4/10 11:18 PM

Does anyone know of any extra thin thermoses? None of the pockets on my bag are big enough for the normal sizes, and it's getting kind of annoying when I have to carry around the thermos all day.

10 Terrific Thermoses
11/2/10 11:46 PM

@ilovebutter: The pmid is 17828263 (and I just noticed that the study was from 2007, time flies by way to quickly!)

The bacteria in our intestines produce ethanol, and we produce some alcohols with our normal metabolism, so all animals should have some form of ADH to take care of that.

Ancient Food: Stone Age Stone Ground Flour
10/21/10 06:56 PM

Adaption can happen surprisingly fast, recently there was a study that showed that people that came from cultures that traditionaly ate high amounts of starch had more copies of salivary amalyse genes than people from societies with low-starch diets. And there's always the classic example of alcohol dehydrogenase.

Ancient Food: Stone Age Stone Ground Flour
10/21/10 01:00 AM