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My friends were married at the Alvirne chapel, too! My fiance grew up in Hudson. Such a beautiful little place!


Tell Us: The Best Wedding You've Ever Been To?
6/12/13 03:15 PM

Just keep the sink!!!! That is such a dream. Please, please, don't get rid of the sink!


Can I Ask My Landlord to Go 50/50 on New Appliances? Good Questions
8/29/12 11:15 AM

Wallpaper! Vintage or designer wallpapers will match your beautiful furniture and bring some colour and interest to the space!


How To Make Boring White Hallway Come to Life?
Good Questions

3/30/12 11:50 PM

A really neat coat rack/storage center for shoes, umbrellas, etc. Perhaps with a bench to sit down and take your shoes off. The bench could double as storage!

Or a very large bookcase. Or a tiny desk/office area with a chalkboard/calendar/organizer that climbs up the wall!


Removed 80's Wet Bar - Now What?
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1/31/12 01:11 PM

Removing the cabinet doors will add a dramatic effect if you are proud of the dishes inside. Buying vintage china will make a pretty display, but you'll have to keep those cabinets nice and tidy if you decide to remove the doors.

You could also replace your light fixture with something prettier! Think chandelier or something of that sort. Lighting can change the mood of a scene -- it may also help to hide the stuff you're not so proud of!

An option to hide the lower cabinets would be to hang a curtain-like fabric from underneath the ledge of the counter top. Velcro is adhesive, so just cut a long piece of fabric that you like to the length of the counter top and stick velcro bits to attach it to the counter ledge. If that's a little too kitchy, hanging fabric strips is pretty in right now ( like this: ), and it would be an easy way to match your current colours with some new ones!

Make fancy magnets for the fridge! Here are some that I made that look like polaroids:

I'd definitely put all of your appliances away and only display things that you're proud of. Get a cute cupcake stand, a neat mug tree, or a vintage bread box or percolator. Things like this are kitchen related, and totally adorable! Some aesthetically pleasing cook books would be a great display item, too!

And I agree with hiding the cereal box. Find some big jars and pour the cereal in there instead. Label your jars with chalkboard paint like this:

Look at the neat plate display here: . You could hang plates up on that back wall as the design!

And finally, search around on Pinterest. Make pinboards with all of your ideas, and get totally inspired. Have fun!


Ideas to Help Make This Kitchen Amazing?
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1/19/12 06:53 PM

I'd do some hanging shelves or baskets from the door itself for gloves, hats, + any little extras {maybe things that need to be mailed on the next trip out, or things you don't want to forget in the morning}.

That'll help you utilize the wall space without taking up floor space. And, you could get a nice narrow coat rack for the recess behind the door.

Help with Landing Strip in Small Apartment?
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10/25/11 12:58 PM

Yes! My friends just moved into a new place with a shimmery gold clawfoot tub! I am so jealous since we gave up the amazing tub in our last apartment for a bit more space in this one. Wish I could do it over again!


Design Obsession: Clawfoot Tubs in Every Color
10/12/11 10:35 PM

The same thing happened to me the other day! Sad part is (being a broke Etsy artist), I only bought one when I saw them. I went back later for the other, but it was gone -- tragedy!

Here's the one I went home with:

You're so much smarter than me for not breaking up the set!


Best Thrift Store Find Ever: A Pair of Typewriters
9/1/11 07:22 PM

Holy cow! Must be nice :)

A Teacher's Lounge Get Schooled in Style
Decor Demon

8/26/11 09:09 PM

A Christmas tree (if you celebrate Christmas) during the holidays, a big comfy chair the rest of the year.

Or, a vintage cart with a nice tray, glasses, and bottles alcohol. It'll be your own little mini-bar!

What To Do with Fireplace Remnant?
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8/16/11 10:21 AM

I know it's not helpful to hear, but I've always had the best luck just by walking through new cities. I've been checking Craigslist every night for almost six months and have not yet seen that perfect place, but both of the times that I've moved apartments I moved into the first one that I saw while just walking down the street in my desired neighborhood. Maybe you can find a way to spend the day tramping around your new city?

How Do You Search for Apartments?
8/10/11 09:04 PM

Definitely DON'T take vintage luggage on a plane unless it's your carry-on. AirCanada (as lovely as they were otherwise) destroyed a family heirloom suitcase last summer when I went for a week long stay in London. It was so bruised and battered being tossed around behind the scenes that it doesn't even stay locked anymore! I was heartbroken.

Style Sourcelist: Vintage & Retro Luggage
7/29/11 10:18 PM

You could still use it as a headboard if you took the glass out. It would be open, but glass is see-through anyway, right?

How To Repurpose Old Door?
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7/20/11 12:53 PM

I stash my books in my fireplace, too! I thought I was the only one!

Creative Storage: Books in the Fireplace
7/15/11 11:33 PM

YES! We have actually stopped accepting "gifts" from my boyfriend's parents because they always have strings attached. We're ready to start DIYing some of our furniture, but are so nervous about how his parents will react when we tell them (which we have to -- that was our deal after the last fight) that we're going to get rid of or repaint their hand-me-downs.

Fitting in Furniture Hand Me Downs from Your Family
6/22/11 06:01 PM

I use one in the bathroom for feminine products. It's easy to reach, but not obvious for when guests are around. I use another to keep my seam ripper, scissors, extra pins, and other sewing odds + ends on my desk, and stick it sideways in between books to hold it closed. You can see my second use in some photos here:

Also, you could sell them on Etsy if you have nothing else to do with them! I'm sure others would love to have them :)

Creative Use For Collection Of Vintage Cigar Boxes?
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4/12/11 10:58 PM

I'd love to see you take our the counter, and replace it with a window-seat type cushioned bench. Beneath the bench could be bookshelves, and on top put some cute pillows. It will be a great little reading nook!

Or, of course, the practical thing would be to use it as a laundry folding spot. paper over the counter top and organize your laundry materials there.

What To Do With Small Cubby Hole Space?
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3/15/11 11:19 AM

One of the best things that worked for me in my office/bedroom was to lay a large light colored carpet down that covers the "bedroom" section of the room, and the dark hardwood underneath shows in the "office" section. This really helps distinguish the two upon walking into the space. I also arranged all of my office furniture to face the desk and away from the bed. All of the bedroom furniture faces the bed and away from the desk.

There are a few photos you can view here:

Suggestions For Setting Up Home Office In Bedroom?
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3/3/11 06:18 PM

That ottoman needed love, attention, and a home! I bet it would give you a big hug if it had arms. Don't let judgement get to you!

Also, I love the color scheme to this living space!

Before & After: An Ottoman Overhaul for under $25
2/28/11 11:05 PM

I love this idea also because these shelves can create partitions to divide small rooms without making them feel even smaller!

The Look for (Much) Less: DIY Open Shelving
2/16/11 03:35 PM