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Yeah, well, I bought two of their black and white striped tents this summer. Fading began almost immediately ("fade resistant" should mean the fabric would RESIST fading for at least one season) to an ashy grey, the tassles melted off in the sun and when I contacted them less than 3 months after the purchase I was told by customer service that the item was "fade and water resistant" but not "fade proof" (Hmmmmmm, my Pottery Barn fade resistant umbrellas are still looking pretty good after 3 years). I took one of the panels in to the store where they were purchased and the manager agreed that there was almost no resistance to fading (insert Seinfeld joke here), but said that once customer service makes its determination, it needs to be pushed up to a regional manager. That was three weeks ago. $1100 for VERY poor quality and even worse customer service. We'll see how the dispute fairs with AMEX as they've temporarily taken the charge off my bill and have contacted Z Gallerie on my behalf. I've read a number of posts about Z gallerie's distinct lack of service and poor quality. Appalling. Buyer be very wary.

Look! Z Galleries Outdoor Pavillion
10/20/10 07:37 PM