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Cherokee Antique Row isn't near St. Louis, it's IN St. Louis. And Cherokee is much more than Antique Row-- make sure to head west of Jefferson too. The entire street is full of awesome stuff.

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7/25/11 01:46 PM

I love my screen-printed City of Saint Louis Neighborhoods poster from It's distinct from the Ork city posters in its use of color and various other elements.

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3/22/11 07:36 PM

Thanks, everyone (Jeff here). I wish I could've included more pictures-- the ones featured don't really show the vibrancy of the neighborhood as it should (admittedly I put this together in a hurry).
The CWE is just one great neighborhood of dozens in this fine old city. Saint Louis is a special place, and the quality of our historic built environment can stand with the greatest cities in America.

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10/23/10 09:08 AM

St. Louis "small"? I wouldn't classify a metropolitan area of 2.8 million people as small.

And I think Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh should be added to this list.

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10/20/10 04:00 PM