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This is something I worry about. I have furnishings with a lot of personality-- an antique camel back sofa done in teal linen upholstery, for example-- that fit in beautifully in a historic apartment I rented with wood floors and lots of gorgeous old wood trim. Because I am a young renter, I am also confined by my nearly impossible price range, and may need to move into one of those big bland modern complex apartments. I worry less about the layout-- furniture will just have to go where it fits-- than how to reconcile all my antique bohemian pieces with the dull modern architecture without looking like my decor crash landed in builderville from a gorgeous pre-war place via time machine.

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10/8/12 10:57 AM

I love that word art. Is it quoting something specific???

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8/24/11 01:15 PM

My only suggestion is to pick one to three colos to repeat as accents. For example, if you got a painting or print for ove the couch that had orange in it, maybe find a similar color or line motif for the bedspead. It will help keep everything from feeling too disconnected in a small open space.

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