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Hi Kate,
I'm a Professional Organizer and see this all the time. Here are some practical solutions that can be stylish as well.
First of all remove any table or bench as it will beome a dumping ground. Install two rows of double hooks, one low for heavy backpacks and one higher for coats.
Underneath the hooks can be a boot tray, galvinized bins or great looking baskets for shoes.
Use the wall space between the wall and the door to hang small floating shelves or cubes for wallets, keys and mail.
Use the back of your door! If you need more hanging space place a row of hooks there or if you need more space for small objects hang a clear shoe bag so you can place gloves, hats, library books etc.. into the pockets to grab and go. You can even use it for shoes! If you don't like the look of plastic there are fabulous canvas shoe holders in lots of colors to compliment your decor.
Good luck!

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