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This is the best done Mario room I've seen - which is quite a statement.

Let's-a go!: Super Super Mario Bros. Bedroom Reddit
9/26/13 08:44 AM

I agree with b77 - get a smallish mirror framed to be the same size and style as the existing cabinet door and hang the new even with the old, centered above the sink.

How To Make Misaligned Medicine Cabinet and Sink Less Awkward? Good Questions
8/15/13 08:36 AM

Little Rocky's nursery is still my all time favorite!

May the Force Be In Your Room:
Star Wars Nurseries & Kids' Bedrooms

7/26/13 09:02 AM

If it means I can stop subscribing to XBox Gold (which I only use for Netflix access), then I'm sold.

A $35 Television Game Changer: Chromecast
7/26/13 09:00 AM

Another vote for JCT Kitchen - fantastic stuff!

A Design Lover’s Guide to Atlanta Apartment Therapy’s Design Destination Guide
7/25/13 08:55 AM

When trip-planning, I always - always - start with Frommer's. I always move on, too, but they're always my starting place.

Sentiment alert: I just turned up my guide to New York from my very first trip there - the book was a Christmas present from my parents, and I sat and highlighted and read and reread that thing a hundred times before my trip. So nice to go back and see what I was thinking back then!

Frommer Returns to Frommer's, Set to Launch EasyGuides Financial Review
7/23/13 08:54 AM

Nothing like it for a wedge salad - ranch delivery system, indeed!

Do You Eat Iceberg Lettuce? Reader Survey
7/17/13 04:14 PM

After a less-than-stellar post-college experience, I stay away from credit cards, even though every single travel site I'm on recommends them. I do have a dedicated travel account, unattached to my "normal" account, and that's where my tax refund goes every year. I add to it as is possible throughout the year, but it's a system that's worked for me so far! Oh, and YES on the advance planning - I am so glad I'm not alone in my compulsion!

Planning the Perfect Vacation: Tips For Saving Up For Your Trip
7/10/13 08:58 AM

Okay, I'll jump in here - I share my bathroom with both my brothers (yes, we're all quite cozy), and it gets DISGUSTING. Especially with one of them, who of course doesn't see the hair and gross that he leaves all over our white tile floor, and so NEVER cleans it up...disgusting. Of course, he freaks out that I use powder after my shower (which stays closed and contained, btw)...ah, to reach a middle ground...

Home Habits: The Gross-o-Meter
7/9/13 09:11 AM

@docbonzie - I LOVE the Jenga idea! My little brother is getting married soon, and I'm so adding that to the idea book!

New Takes on the Traditional Wedding Guestbook
6/26/13 09:31 AM

I love Goodreads, but I'm definitely going to have to check out more of these. Also: SHADES OF GREY! I am dying - literally DYING - for Fforde to release the next one. (But that's generally true of him in all his series...he's great and everyone should read him! End commercial.)

Attention Book Lovers: 8 Ways to Find Your Next Favorite Read
6/5/13 12:41 PM

It took me a minute to figure out the round things in the top picture - I initially took them for trampolines, which would be the most amazing thing ever. Once I had that, I really didn't want to let it go for not-umbrellas.

Inspiration: Rat Pack Pool Party
5/28/13 08:45 AM

I am blessed to say that I haven't had a relationship that ended badly - in tears, of course, but never with hurtful words or acrimony. So I've had no qualms about keeping mementos - a couple stuffed animals that make me smile, notes and birthday cards, and certainly pictures. Those boys were important parts of my life, and being able to look back on those relationships has helped me grow, correcting behaviors and maturing into who I am. I'm a purger, but the box that has the sock monkey that my first boyfriend made for me for Christmas? That's not going anywhere. Sorry, future mates!

Moving In Together: What Do You Do With The Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend Box?
5/21/13 02:57 PM

I adore mine - I finally broke down and bought one of the Kyocera double-edged models when I was making 80 radish tea sandwiches for a shower. I want to use it for everything, but I have got to invest in that glove. I've been using a gardening glove for the time being, but it's definitely not optimal.

Get the Most Out of Your Mandoline:
Tips and Techniques

5/17/13 12:51 PM

I have two - a squishy down one and a firmer poly-filled. However, only one of them is on the bed at a time, whichever I need to sleep that night. The other gets put on the floor/the in the chair till morning (or whenever I pull up my covers next). I can't stand to have the extra stuff - why create intricacy in a restful place?

How Many Pillows is Too Many?
5/14/13 08:48 AM

I requires a little more prep work, but I sometimes do up "tv dinners" for myself - one that turned out very well was curry meatballs (I think from PaleOMG, but I'm not certain of that) with greens (just slightly undercooked). This truly is a good question - I'll be checking for more answers!

Good Ideas for Low-Carb Freezer Meals for New Parents? Good Questions
5/8/13 03:37 PM

We have a wonderful full-glass storm door - well, I guess it's still half and half, there is a bar through the middle, but it's very thin, and allows the glass top half to be pushed down and the screen to unscroll from where it's hidden in the top. Haven't gotten around to it yet, but once the rain clears up for good in a few weeks, I plan to paint the frame the same dark grey we have on the door. Best of both worlds!

Curb Appeal: Cottage Style Front Doors
4/26/13 08:54 AM

I can't believe the naysayers! This is breathtaking - even if it wouldn't necessarily go in your house! :)

This Amazing Wall-Mounted Cabinet Bar Exists To Put Your Home Bar To Shame
4/19/13 08:51 AM

I had a half moon red zippered tent that went over my bed when I was five(ish) - I think about that thing every week. Nothing like privacy!

Kids' Rooms: Curtains, Canopies & Tents Inspiration Gallery
4/16/13 08:54 AM

I'll take a Fallout map, please and thank you!

Prints of Some of Our Favorite First Computers, Consoles, and Video Games
4/5/13 09:36 AM