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Agree with everyone - more than one passion. Gardening, needlecraft, baking, sewing, paper crafts etc...

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9/15/11 11:29 PM

The print in the background - the 'grey one with the loopy geometrical lines' is called 'kolam' and it is traditionally practiced in South India. Early in the morn - usually before sunrise - women wash/clean the space in front of their houses and make these patterns with rice flour. It is made freehand. The symbolism of using only rice flour is that - the ants can consume it. Today though chalk and coloured powders are also used to make really elaborate kolams esp. during festivals.

Here's a lot of info and some pics for whoever may be interested in knowing more

Avery Thatcher of JUJU Papers
Creative People, Living Green

9/8/11 01:46 PM

The contest is only open to residents of the US. Such a pity. The giveaways look fabulous. Since I'm in India and cannot enter the contest (sighhh) can I at least be in the reckoning for the book? Or at the very least get to d/l the mini-book?

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2/3/11 11:12 PM

I'm talking about the cost - because - i'm in India and a single tile would cost as much as a decent cell phone. How could i ever consider this product?

BuzziSkin 3D Wall Tiles from Buzzispace
10/20/10 07:52 AM

That's always my grouse with 'green' products. I'm all for them - but they're always so expensive - how will they ever become mainstream. And if they don't become mainstream - they will never create change. And that is the need right? Or are manufacturers just jumping on the 'green' bandwagon - 'cos it's 'cool'/'in'?

BuzziSkin 3D Wall Tiles from Buzzispace
10/20/10 07:50 AM