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Is this "Toy Story" 5? Woody tries to rescue Buzz who has been hot glued to a lamp by some insanely crafty parent.

25 Inspiring Ideas: Repurposing Old Toys
1/14/14 10:35 AM

I found really helpful. The cleaning chunks are really, really small and unambitious and there is none of that perverse ocd worshiping on cleaning. It is also really funny and well written.

How to Tackle That Humongous, Unwieldy Beast of a Nagging Household Chore
7/31/12 07:43 PM

These are totally excellent little bantams. They come in many colours not just white (on the outside) and have 5 toes rather than 4. They are wonderful pets but have a problem with going broody all the time (many people use them to hatch other breeds eggs out). We have never eaten any of ours although you have to work out what to do with the extra roosters and the exorbitant price of these chickens at the chinese deli have made me start to look at our extra roosters in a not entirely friendly way.

What's the Deal With Black Chickens?
7/31/12 12:32 AM