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so much grace, so much class...


Organic Details at Swallow Brooklyn Store Profile
6/12/13 02:22 AM

ya, i wonder about the foodsmell, natural light, and echo em thoughts bout Beige ..and/but find this overall an extremely cosy living arrangement.. =)

Ildikรณ's Smart Space Small Cool Contest
6/5/13 01:33 AM

tracy is funny, as well as lovely !! I first saw this dwelling on youtube... and it's very hard to forget - because of the orange !! it's so hard to get orange right. has to be the EXACT right shade of it, lighting, etc... (when done right, i feel) 'multiples energy' and this project SURE did the perfect job. what a GREAT JOB !!!! !! !

Tracy & Marty's \"Retro Metro\" House Boat House Tour
5/20/13 04:06 PM

very (!) nice space =)=)

Beth's Romantic & Retro Residence House Tour
5/20/13 03:59 PM


Lee's Only Meaningful Possessions Small Cool Contest
5/20/13 03:58 PM

Love the flag at the back! (honestly) some countries' flags are not as pretty as their subjects are loyal, so even if i really wanna hang mine i cant !!

Carly's Converted Warehouse Small Cool Contest
5/20/13 03:56 PM

voted! =)

Adam's Streamlined Simplicity Small Cool Contest
5/20/13 03:52 PM

did you splurge on the bed?? wellworth it! LOVE the bathroom (and I have that 'white container' thing too, cept mine's pink. =))

Leslie's Enchanting Sunlight Small Cool Contest
5/20/13 03:43 PM

you guys have got great taste! (seen in your procuring of things...) love the colour-choice and what youve done in the bathroom. thanks for sharing !

Xsusha's Creative Thinking Small Cool Contest
5/20/13 03:39 PM

and a polyglot's someone who knows lots of languages! i wanna be a polyglot.. =)

A - Z of Unusual Words: Prints that
Expand Your Vocabulary

5/17/13 12:37 PM

Sg's not shabby ya...

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/13/13 02:55 AM

pretty =)

Chelsea's Cozy Retreat Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/25/13 08:57 AM

bright, practical, visually stunning - what moreto wish for.


great !

Before & After: From Ceiling Space to Playing Space
3/24/13 03:59 AM

these people are seriously creative... *awe*

The Duplex, Left Side: Jared & Chika's Colorful Nest House Tour
3/24/13 03:56 AM

yr tour made me wanna go out and buy paint. really strange cos im a very restrained kinda person... first i felt that with the yellow walls. and then i decided im really convinced seeing the kitchen pictures - whats happening !!?! (haha) esp funny cos im SURE youre not even intending to sell paint... BenMoore advertisers needs to employ you/your photographer...

The Duplex, Left Side: Jared & Chika's Colorful Nest House Tour
3/24/13 03:40 AM

what a great space

Allister's Surrounded by History Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/24/13 03:32 AM

very pretty =)

ps: pottery's v impt, to me !!

Johanna and Mike's Bright Brooklyn Home House Tour
3/23/13 08:57 AM

'everything in its place' - love such lifestyle =)

Christine's Calming Palette Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/22/13 07:57 AM

.....and you did a grrrrreat job =)

Patricia Jean's Classic Romantic Home in Montreal House Call
3/17/13 04:17 PM

what an artist. so well put tog =)

Lauren's Favorite Place Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/15/13 12:11 PM