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I like the wallpaper idea. For the olive bathroom I would go with this paper since it has a lot of colors to pull from for accessories, For the salmon colored bathroom I would do somthing this paper, probably not this exact paper since it almost $400 per roll,

Color Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/9/14 01:27 PM

People who mess with your computer settings. I just returned from maternity leave and the temp deleted all of my bookmarks, renamed folders, saved everything to the desktop, hid part of my standing desk setup and left a trail of finger prints on my screen. Grrrrr!

What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?
4/18/14 02:39 PM

This is a perfect idea for over the bed art that can't fall on you, aka I live in CA and worry about earthquakes. Really great idea and presentation!

Before & After: Maura's $13 DIY Wall Art!
1/13/14 03:17 PM

If I leave clothes on the ground my bunnies will chew holes in them, so the clothes wind up in artful piles on any flat surface (not the bed). It drives me nuts but I keep doing it.

One Simple Way to Keep Your Bedroom More Organized This Year
1/3/14 04:10 PM

I need a source for the side tables in the living room. They are fantastic!

Jessica & Scott's East Coast Nest House Tour
12/16/13 04:35 PM

We take turns doing laundry depending on schedule, but I refuse to fold his clothes. Every time I fold all of the laundry his sits in the basket until he wears it again.

Do You Do Each Other's Laundry?
10/4/13 01:16 PM

The kitchen, the curved molding in the entryway, the green fireplace. I am seriously in love! I think this is my favorite house tour ever.

Grainne and Ian's Characterful Collection in Edinburgh House Tour
9/24/13 02:31 PM

I did not get my license until I was 21 or 22 (can't remember exactly). I too lived in San Francisco and had a permit that expired. I learned how to drive in San Francisco (quite an experience) and spent the first 6 months only driving with my boyfriend in the car (he taught me how to drive). Once I began driving on my own, it was so liberating. While I don't love to drive, it is a skill that gives you more confidence and freedom.

A New Home Means New Skills:
Learning To Drive (Reluctantly)

8/26/13 12:40 PM

My house rabbits don't do well in temps over 80 degrees (no natural way to cool themselves off), and honestly they prefer it in the 70's. I like it moderately cold, but will live with warmer temps for the sake of my pocket book. Having just moved from a place that had central AC to an old Victorian building with one wall unit (in the smallest bedroom), I've been having some minor sticker shock with my electric bill. I do open the windows at night since we normally have the delta breeze, but if it was in the upper 90's or low 100's all day there will be no breeze and AC it is. The few weeks that it was 106 were miserable.

Luckily my landlord is purchasing another AC unit for our bedroom, which will help immensely!

Moving In Together: Agreeing On Temperature
8/22/13 02:36 PM

Small claims court. In CA (not sure where you are based) there are very strict limits on what can be deducted from security deposits.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/16/13 05:18 PM

I wonder if they re-framed the cutouts on the fireplace wall, or if the photo was cleverly cropped? Beautiful space.

Before & After: A Lovely Houston Living Room Professional Project
8/9/13 12:02 PM

@ScuttledCuttle - that is why people rent with roommates (everyone I knew when I lived in SF had a roommate/housemate or 5), and people often subdivide bedroom or living space into additional bedrooms.

What Does it Really Cost to Live in San Francisco? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
8/9/13 11:56 AM

I moved into an new apartment on Saturday so I am still surrounded by boxes, and boxes, and more boxes. I am debating between my bedroom and dining room/kitchen area. Both areas need work...

Day 3: Choose Your Room, Sit for 10 Minutes & Take Before Photos Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/6/13 12:22 PM

I grew up with a lovely green piano inherited from my grandmother. It was play incessantly by my sister (who grew up to be a musician) and she said the painting never diminished the sound quality.

Before & After: Colorful Piano Makeover East Coast Creative
7/26/13 02:35 PM

I painted my tiny bathroom what was suppose to be a moody deep gray color. What I ended up with was a very blue looking gray (very country kitchen from the 80's). It made the space feel smaller, darker and dated. I lived with it for a few months before painting the whole thing bright white.

How Do You Deal with Design Mistakes?
7/22/13 04:31 PM

Planning...what is this word you use? I just find myself with a paintbrush in my hand and paint in my hair.

Planning would probably make more sense but ti never seems to happen.

How Do You Plan Your Design Projects?
7/22/13 02:23 PM

When I was going through a very hard time financially I biked to work. It was 6-7 miles one way. I was lucky that the route I took was almost all on a lovely bike trail right next to the River, and only when it was light outside (no winter dark biking for me). There was a shower at work that I could use if needed. While I do love to bike, and it was a real nice way to decompress from work, it is never as nice when you have to do it because it is your only option.

I think 16 miles round trip would be my max because I have this crazy competitive person that comes out when I bike that makes me pass anyone I see on the trail. Professional cyclist I am not, so I always wound up really tired from my rides. I only had to bike until the time changed so it was never fully dark, which would have been scary on the river trail which has no lights and some crazy people who live on the river.

What's The Longest Bike or Walk Commute You'd Consider?
7/11/13 01:07 PM

I received a thank you card from my Dad for sending him chocolates for Father's day. It warmed my heart. I still send out thank you cards, especially to my grandma. I think it is important to acknowledge the thought of the gift (even if it is not to your taste).

Do You Write Thank You Cards? Reader Survey
6/26/13 07:19 PM

What a great idea!

Before & After: DIY Dishwasher Facelift Saving 4 Six
6/14/13 01:47 PM

There is a time in last fall that all of the crows in Sacramento seemed to be living in the trees in my neighborhood (200+ crows). It was like living in a scary movie, but kind of neat too (they "steal" walnuts from my neighbor and drop them in the road for cars to run over. Then they eat the walnut meat).

True Story: How My Feathered Foes Became a Backyard Family
6/5/13 05:53 PM