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I live in the arctic and have no choice but to order online/catalogues. Unfortunately there are only a couple of stores that will ship furniture here for a reasonable price. One is sears haha.

My roommate is moving away and taking all the furniture with her at the end of the month and now I'm stuck trying to find decent stuff. I brought up my own furniture but sold it a couple months ago because there was no room (and no 1 bedroom apartments to rent in town).

With the seasons changing I am really craving going clothes shopping... unfortunately that's all online too lol! However, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world!

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9/12/11 08:37 PM

I'm in this situation too and I just feel like I'll leave it be. I don't want to hurt my roommate. Just like yours, she has been here for a long time. I will probably move out before she does. Although you both need to be comfortable I think you should just wait to get your own place, or my favourite, get your own place, decorate and then find a roommate (preferrably a guy haah jokes, sorta). I think this is something you should have discussed PRIOR to moving in and you really run the risk of hurting her feelings (if it is indeed her paint choice, etc.). Good luck either way!

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8/18/11 07:24 PM

Wooohoo I think I win this contest (if it were a contest). I am 24 and I have lived in over 40 houses/apartments in my life already. Yep, that's not a typo!

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8/10/11 08:00 PM


I know your comments were directed at brownie but I can offer a little insight. Retailers will basically always ship stuff up north but most of the time you have to pay really hefty shipping charges. Most of the people who live up north work for the government but not all of them. Lots of industry related careers as well (mining etc.). I work for the government. I actually live in a town that does have road access (a dirt road though), the nearest town is 3 hours away and it is incredibly small too. The nearest city is a 20 hour drive (Edmonton).

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8/5/11 02:24 PM

Ahhh! Another northerner :)! I'm your neighbour in the NWT. I really hope we don't have to give up our license plates? I love the polar bears! Do you guys have the same ones?

Life is tricky being a northerner when you love interior design! We need to make a list of design related stores that offer free shipping to us haha :).

Sarah's Fantastic Far North Flown-In Style
House Call

8/5/11 02:21 PM


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7/18/11 02:50 PM

Haha live a little people! I would gladly drink that blue punch... I wanna go make some right now.

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4/19/11 06:39 PM

THANK YOU SWEEETTEA... My thoughts EXACTLY! I work with individuals who HAVE schizophrenia.. (not schizophrenICS). People are not their illness and it does not define them. I know that you weren't thinking that way at all and tons of people make this mistake. I also use words like crazy, nuts, etc. even at work with my clients but you have to be careful of the context.

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2/15/11 03:27 PM