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I right good!! Try me! Try me!

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Email: Rowenta Pressure Iron Steamer Giveaway - 1.31.08
1/31/08 07:51 AM

Errr ... that sounds pretentious. **Before the TIMELESS mid-century thing WAS REDISCOVERED in the 90s**


Apartment Therapy New York | Today's Email: Eames Love
1/29/08 08:57 AM

I love the Eames' -- I grew up in Western Michigan so it wasn't uncommon to find these in garage sales on the cheap (before the mid-century thing took off in the 90s). I always thought it was:
LCW = Lounge Chair Wood
LCM = Lounge Chair Metal
DCW = Dining Chair Wood
DCM = Dining Chair Metal
Also love Hive Modern ... really helpful, good peeps there.

Apartment Therapy New York | Today's Email: Eames Love
1/29/08 08:43 AM

I'm enjoying the emails, but disappointed that the articles don't appear on the site for more visible comments (or am I daft ... do they somewhere?).

Regarding MATTEO. I'm in love with their linens. I just ordered a bit under $1K worth of bedding for a client very much like Maxwell's (he's single, big budget, & wants to make his place all grown up). After realizing that his bedding order was gonna take nearly 2 months to fill, I had to cancel & find bedding elsewhere. Major bummer. I hope Matteo either cuts down their costs a bit or makes their bedding quicker to ship. For most of us, it's Good, Fast, & Cheap. You can only pick two (because you can never have all three).

Apartment Therapy New York | Today's Email: The Most Luxurious Bedding We've Found
1/23/08 09:12 AM

Don't look now, but DWR raised the price ... OWWW! (and I was waiting for the next sale/free ship to buy it).

Someone I know has this bed, and swears by it (I talked him into getting it). If anyone in NYC has one, is unhappy with it, & wants to sell, email juetron (at) g mail (dot) com.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Small Family Home Min Bed
1/7/08 09:23 AM

I recently whitewashed a couple Mandal beds for a project (the version w/o storage boxes). They turned out beeeautifully.

You can do that treatment with any color, that way you don't have to be concerned about the knots. It didn't require sanding. We painted the legs solid (because of the near black stain).

According to the web site, the Mandal's (with storage boxes) drawer fronts & dark frame are solid pine, stain, & clear acrylic lacquer (same as the legs for the version w/o boxes). A couple coats of paint should do the trick.

orangejuce, as for staining ... you'll definitely need to sand in that instance.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: What Color Should I Paint My Bed?
12/14/07 06:06 AM

I'm pretty sure they are all real. In addition to paint, they place colored film over objects (like TVs & windows). The French have this technique down—like Felice Varani, take a look at the work of photographer Georges Rousse. Most ppl won't believe it's real 'til they see it in person, or see how it was done.

Apartment Therapy - Spatial Graphics Slinks: n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
11/19/07 06:46 AM

The floor lamp screws together. 3 pieces I think.

Apartment Therapy - Look! Kulla Floor Lamp
11/13/07 07:43 AM

IKEA has been pushing slightly higher price point items with a much higher quality for a little while now. Check out their Stockholm collection. $90 for this lamp is well worth it—especially considering the closest alternatives for metal shade floor lamps—Bauhaus at CB2 ($150), or Spun at DWR ($1500 ).

Apartment Therapy - Look! Kulla Floor Lamp
11/13/07 07:01 AM

For reference/research, check out:
They'll give you a rough idea what ppl are paying in the neighborhoods your interested in or already live in. Dopety-dope!

Apartment Therapy - Evergreen Question: Amazing Tips for Finding an Apartment in NYC?
10/10/07 11:34 PM

This is the second time this month I've come across this question.

I'm in agreement with Wende. If you really want that DWR look, start with a thinner DWR mattress. Also, it will let the headboard really shine through & might dampen those Malm comparisons. As suggested, avoid thick duvets. Make the bed & get that crisp line look, but then roll around it a bit. The bed will look more warm & inviting. Seriously.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Should I Get a Straighter Edged Mattress?
10/2/07 09:43 AM

I have this & love it. Only thing ... don't get it wet. Smells worse than an old, wet dog.

Apartment Therapy - Normann Dustpan and Brush
8/22/07 07:42 AM

It's confirmed ... I am starting rampant rumors. Thank you for clarifying Carlos. I love the piece we got & my client does too. Congratulations on ABC. I'll promptly cane my millworker & I look forward to seeing your future work.

Bart Bettencourt: Green Design Supplies
8/2/07 07:14 AM

I just received a Scrapile table I'm using for a client -- it's beautiful! My millwork guy told me that Scapile (the top image— the collaborative of Bettencourt & Salgado) is no longer doing these recycled, pressed "scrap" wood pieces. It's too expensive for them(??). From the "where to buy" page from their site, it appears only one store is remaining that allows you to purchase their work. Am I starting rampant rumors or can somebody confirm this?

Bart Bettencourt: Green Design Supplies
7/31/07 04:59 AM