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I have an (un-sealed) exposed brick wall in my living room, and I adore it. It helps that the brick wall is NOT an exterior wall, so it's not leaking heat/cold. It's not impossible to hang art, either- just depends on your fasteners and anchors. I wouldn't hang a large weight-bearing shelf on the wall, though.

There's been very minimal crumbling/dust; the tenant prior to me very thoughtfully shoved steel wool into the seam between the wood floor and the bottom of the wall, which has probably gone a long way to ensuring a total lack of bugs/rodents.

Exposed Brick Walls: Good or Bad?
12/14/10 08:47 PM

Well, apparently most people with commenter accounts will hate this (hi! I'm from Chicago, City of Hella Haters, I can take it, kids), but I did a likewise out-in-the-open shoe storage project this year:

I own somewhere near 100 pairs of shoes, and I have one small closet in my apartment. ONE. SMALL. CLOSET.
Sneakers and flip-flips go in under-the-bed lidded plastic totes; heels, boots, and flats go on the floating wall shelves.
I will say that it makes picking out shoes each morning a far more enjoyable process, and it also a good reminder to only buy shoes that are "wall-worthy". If I don't love them enough to display them, after all, do I really need them?

No Closet? No Problem! Storing Shoes Out In The Open
12/9/10 08:35 PM

Swiss cheese. I don't know why, precisely, but I've always disliked it. It seems to have an oily-ish taste to me. My tastes have changed significantly in the past few years, though, so I do hold out hope that someday I won't wrinkle my nose at Swiss.

Cheese-Squeamish? Your Top Four Cheese Phobias Cured!
The Cheesemonger

12/1/10 03:41 PM

@NewYorkStateofMind: they look like photograps from this Etsy member:

DIY a Big Pendant For a Really Small Price

10/21/10 05:37 PM

I found that instead of using bookshelves, I had better flexibility by installing and staggering Lack shelves from Ikea and treating as a shoe display/storage solution:

...and despite having not done any extra reinforcing on these shelves, and storing boots and such on them, they've not pulled away from the wall or otherwise moved in seven months.

Great (Not Over the Door) Shoe Storage Options?
Good Questions

9/10/10 11:10 PM

Bulleit bourbon, or on budget-tightening weeks, Old Overholt

Laphroaig (I had some Laphroaig cask strength this week, and oh lord, that is swoonworthy)

Best Liquors: What Is Your Favorite Whiskey – and Why?
8/20/10 05:41 PM

I have popular tastes, it seems: Hendrick's is my all-time-tops, but it's a little less versatile when you want just a straight hit of ginny, junipery flavor. For that, I do the cheap route: New Amsterdam. Cheap, yes, but I find it to be really quite good, especially in a martini when I don't want a Hendrick's cucumbery version.

Best Liquors: What Is Your Favorite Gin — and Why?
8/18/10 02:04 PM

I started a list a few years ago titled Things To Learn To Like. Success stories thus far include: blueberries, pickles, capers, unsweetened yogurt, and olives.

I'm still working on raw onions and fennel, and I've got no interest in learning to like potatoes or ketchup. (yes, I know, bizarre.)

What Foods Have You Tried To Like, But Just Can't?! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/15/10 11:56 AM

From the red and white exterior to the marble stairs to the geometric tile, this looks eerily like The Roanoke apartment building in Cincinnati. I do wonder if they had the same architect.

The Kansas City Colonnaded Walk-Up Flat | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/6/10 10:38 PM

I found a bowl of truly sad-looking and wilted beet greens (leftover from, uh, Thanksgiving beets) in my fridge last Monday, and sauteed them with a bunch of chili in hopes of making them into a decent dinner.
They turned out to be a perfect pairing with the cornbread I baked, and topped with a slow-poached egg, it was a rather amazing dinner, considering how unappetizing those greens looked while they wilted in the back of the fridge.

Tip: Save the Beet Greens! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/8/09 02:26 PM

Not a terrible mistake, but recent: I was making Orangette's chickpea-parmesan salad, and was planning on adding a dash of liquid smoke with the lemon juice for an extra bit of flavor. I grabbed the small brown bottle in my fridge with the white paper label, and tossed in a few drops.
When eating it later, I couldn't figure out why it wasn't smoky at all. Oops. Turns out I'd shaken in some orange bitters, and not liquid smoke. Similar bottles, same shelf, easy mistake.
However, the orange bitters were still pretty delicious in that chickpea salad!

Kitchen Bloopers: Wax Paper is Not Parchment | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/4/09 01:56 PM

I'm a big believer in hot breakfasts, like laetitiae. Generally instant oatmeal (especially Trader Joe's whole-grain cranberry oatmeal), or lately, my own homemade cranberry-cherry oatmeal. I mixed up a huge batch of oats with fruit in the crock pot a few weeks ago, scooped it out into individual servings, froze these lumps, and now store them in big bags in the freezer. I chuck one lump into a bowl in the morning, microwave for 2-3 min while I make coffee, and sit down at the laptop for a hot breakfast and a quick spin through my RSS feed.

Weekday Routines: Do You Usually Eat Breakfast? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/30/09 10:49 AM

Like slowdown, I use my stovetop Moka and fresh-ground espresso beans. It doesn't get a perfect crema, necessarily, but the convenience of sipping an espresso out of my favorite demitasse cup in my robe far outweighs that imperfection.

Do You Make Espresso at Home? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/24/09 10:39 AM

Mmmm. Fresh figs (my fruit obsession) and donut peaches. I should grab a watermelon at the market, too.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Kind of Fruit Are You Eating Right Now?
9/1/09 04:29 PM

High Life Light, in bottles, ice-cold. I have a deep and abiding love for High Life.

Grain Belt Premium: oh, how it makes me miss Minneapolis!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Top 5 Beers We Hate to Love Beer Sessions
8/25/09 02:30 PM

Like MissMae, I was a picky child, and now I'll eat nearly anything. Formerly revolting but now crave-able foods for me include:
real butter (I know, it's weird: but I grew up strongly preferring margarine!)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Foods Have You Learned To Love?
8/19/09 07:28 PM

I'll second ArielG's suggestion to test it by defrosting meat: does the microwave defrost evenly, or does the center get cooked while the outer edges stay frozen? Or, does it defrost a slice of frozen bread effectively?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How Should We Use This Microwave?
8/17/09 08:02 PM

Thanks for all the input, everyone! Yes, my concern was whether painting over particleboard would work- though it sounds like with some sanding and priming, I shouldn't be so fretful. I'm not sure that a stain would work well on a plastikcy-finished particleboard, so I'll probably go the paint route.

(and thanks for the reassurances that they're not THAT ugly- somehow they photographed well and look better than they do in person. ha.)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Ideas to Improve these "Particleboard Abominations"? Good Questions
8/6/09 10:59 PM

The chickpea salad from Orangette: I've gone through at least six cans of chickpeas in the past two weeks.

And iced coffee, cold-brewed: that's essential.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Dish Can You Not Stop Making this Summer?
7/29/09 04:42 PM

Mac and cheese, definitely. And chocolate chip cookies.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's Your Comfort Food?
4/6/09 02:53 PM