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Who makes the string lights you hung over top? I am looking at something similar but the only place I can find that sells them in long enough lengths are commercial lighting websites.

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5/4/12 01:27 PM

My only regret about my kitchen renovation was the tile I picked for the floor. When I picked the tile it was in a showroom based on a cabinet door I brought with me and a small square of the granite I picked. It looked great in the show room and when it was first laid on the floor, but in year 2 I struggle with it looking filthy by the end of the week. My advice is for flooring, spend a little more then you'd like to be sure you get something that not only looks great, but is durable and low maintenance. My parents used a higher end travertine and it literally never looks dirty. My porcelain tile (which was in my minimal budget) is a constant hassle!

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3/21/12 06:30 PM

My rowhouse renovation blog!

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2/23/12 02:27 PM

I did a more "apartment sized" version of something like this recently. I kept my coat hooks off of it.

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1/20/12 10:20 AM

Name: Locust Point Rowhouse

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1/21/11 08:57 AM

Wow after seeing those pictures it makes me think I need some color in my bathroom.

I just posted pictures of my bathroom reno last night on my blog:

Not really sure what color would go well with my tile and vanity. I painted everything white for now.

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10/27/10 02:00 PM

Wow all of that conduit bending must have taken a while. It looks really neat though. I had to use some steel conduit like that in my house where things had to be surface mounted. I love the industrial look it gives. You can see some pictures here:

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10/20/10 12:11 AM

Yeah the subwoofer sticks out. I hid mine under an end table next to the couch. I'm sure acoustically it is not ideal, but with a small space sometimes you have to improvise. I have some pictures of my setup here:

A Floating Entertainment Center

10/17/10 10:25 PM