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Same holds true for the refrigerator. I used to live in an old apartment with an ant problem, so any open food: flour, chips, cereal, whatever went in the fridge. I'd retrieve potato chips months later (they were out of sight out of mind) and they'd taste perfectly fresh!

Did You Know You Can Freeze Tortilla Chips? Reader Tip
7/7/14 09:03 PM

My understanding is that regular clay litter is strip mined, and hardly benign to the environment. I still use it, because my girls are incredibly picky and turned their noses up at World's Best. but I feel guilty about it.

I wish I could train them to use the toilet...

The Scoop on the ScoopFree Litter Box by PetSafe Tech Test Lab Review
6/24/14 11:12 AM

@SherryIN My mom also bought her couch to match her beige pug. She actually brought home swatches and held them next to Coco before making her selection. Both she and I also use canvas tarps from Lowes on our furniture, which are surprisingly not that ugly...

In reality though, I'm never going to have a magazine perfect house. I have pets instead, and I prefer it that way.

Quick Tip: How To Protect Your Sofa from Pets Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 10:37 AM

Beautiful. This is what is created when someone is designing the home they truly want for themselves instead of trying to find some perfect magazine ad space for the people that may buy the house from them someday. I mean that in the best possible sense: it's not for everyone, but it doesn't have to be. It's absolutely perfect for you.

It makes me think of some great hostels I've stayed at in Europe and many good meals cooked with new friends.

Kitchen Before & After: A 1950s Kitchen Transformed by Mosaic Tiles Reader Kitchen Remodel
6/5/13 09:14 AM

When I lived in my tiny city apartment (for five years), I absolutely stored my 8 pack of paper towels in the trunk of the car. It was convenient and a cost savings. No regrets.

Small Home Living: Do You Buy in Bulk?
5/8/13 10:41 AM

Serious question here...I have an Ikea kitchen that was there when I bought my house. I want to switch out my sink for the DOMSJO seen here and a new countertop (the wooden one I have gets wet behind the current sink and I cannot keep it from getting ruined). I also have a dishwasher to the right of the sink and next to a wall. My dad (who does have a construction background) said I could not do this because unless the portion of the counter over the dishwasher is anchored by a cabinet or by being attached to the rest of the countertop over the cabinets, the whole thing will be unstable.

I've asked at Ikea and they seem to think it's doable. Now I see other people doing it. I've been nervous, though. If this goes wrong, I can't afford to do it again. Did you take any special steps to anchor the counter? Does it seem stable? Thanks!

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen Renovation:
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4/25/13 01:58 PM

As a twist on the "toss with pasta" idea, may I add "use a dollop to dip pasta in?" My Italian family always served a side of sour cream with homemade sauce. Not sure where it came from, but it's a delicious tradition.

After the Dip is Gone: 5 Ways to Use Up Leftover Sour Cream Ingredient Spotlight
2/6/13 03:18 PM

You're welcome! Glad your library has it too!

Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subcription? Good Questions
2/4/13 01:01 PM

Not sure where you're writing from, but check to see if your public library has a subscription to Zinio. Mine, in Maryland, offers full access to digital editions of many of those magazines for absolutely free. It's my favorite new thing for my iPad. My library has Ideal Home, Dwell, Natural Home and Garden, Elle Decor, and House Beautiful available. Unlimited users, totally free (for you, if not the library), and you don't even need to return it.

Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subcription? Good Questions
2/4/13 11:48 AM

The living room in my first "solo" apartment was bright orange. I loved it. Though I toned things down considerably when I bought my house, there's something about bright orange walls that says young and fun to me.

Paint Color Portfolio: Orange Living Rooms
10/8/12 10:42 AM

A variation on this has been one of my main summer dishes for several years now...ever since Trader Joes was giving it out as a free sample and I became obsessed. The way I learned to make it was watermelon, gorgonzola, fresh mint, sea salt and a balsamic reduction. Of course it's best if you reduce the balsamic yourself, but I've been known to just use a bottled glaze or even plain balsamic.

Seriously, I planted mint just for this purpose. I eat it several times a week.

Recipe: Watermelon Salad with Feta & Mint Recipes From The Kitchn
8/24/12 08:31 PM

We had a laundry chute (and a built in pantry) in the 50's rancher I grew up in too. My mom said it was one of the things she was most excited about when they bought the house. As far as I know, though, it was never used, because it turns out it ran to the creepiest part of the basement, not where the washer and dryer were. Sad.

What Secret Is This Vanity Hiding? Thrifty Decor Chick
7/31/12 11:03 AM

There's a reason they don't make that kind of taffeta anymore. It's looks dark and dirty and awful and not like anything most teenage girls would want in their room. Just because you like painted furniture does not mean you should be forced to resort to cheap furniture. Buying an Ikea bed for the same purpose would have cost several hundred dollars for a much less quality product. In 2012 twin beds are only going to be of use in a child's room. Nothing about that previous finish said child or teen. It said Grandma.

Well done. I would have done the same (and sort of have when I made off with an Ethan Allen desk at a yard sale that I quickly repainted green for my guestroom. I love it. The original owners never need to know).

Before & After: Vintage Bed Makeover
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7/25/12 12:15 PM

May I ask where you got the curtains?

A DIY Mad Men Swag Light
6/7/12 03:19 PM

You definitely want to get the PVC wainscoting. They sell it at both Home Depot and Lowes. Sometimes it's hard to find though, so don't be afraid to ask. I just redid my bath in November 2011. When I bought the house the previous owners had covered all of the tile (including the inside of the bath stall) with regular MDF beadboard. Needless to say, it didn't hold up. What was in the shower disintegrated and got moldy. What was on the walls started warping and coming popping off. I ended up spending *a lot* of money to have a contractor come in and fix the mess. I chose to remove all of the tile and put PVC beadboard over greenboard, but I probably could have gone over tile too. I just couldn't afford to make any more mistakes.

Can I Install Wainscoting Over Tile?
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2/13/12 10:09 AM

I own my house now, but I don't think it makes a difference. I, too, had to have an electrician come in and add a bunch of outlets after I moved in. Most rooms only had one, and I had power strips all over the place.

I also want a house with closets. Though my bedroom has ample closet space, having no coat closet or spare bedroom closets leaves me with a vacuum and a bunch of shoes lying about my living room.

Also, in my old apartment I got rid of my old sofa and had to buy a new loveseat, carefully measured, to fit it in the door. It never occurred to me that there are services that will disassemble them for you!

What's on Your "Next Apartment" Checklist?
1/25/12 11:41 AM