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@wacedbronco, yes, I know, but that little magic gap on the edge of the antenna that shorts the antenna reception? Decent chance that touching any part of the back and edge now does the same thing. And I do believe the glass front and back was meant for radio transparency. I don't know if the metal edge antenna is solely for 3G or WiFi too. To my knowledge antennagate was strictly cell signal, so this may have zero impact on 3G but murder wifi reception.

Or it may be totally safe. I freely admit I haven't tested this. My point is that it doesn't appear that anyone else has either and it's a reasonable concern that a metal back would impede reception in some way. I'd proceed with caution modding my phone until this is proven to work well.

Add a Metal Back to Your iPhone 4
10/18/10 02:30 PM

Sorry, I just had to sign up for this site to comment on this. People, why would it fix the antenna issue? A METAL PLATE WILL BLOCK RADIO SIGNALS. That's why the original iPhone had a non-metal section on its metal back, and that's why all subsequent iPhones don't use metal on the back.

So, I freely admit this looks very cool, but your absolute best case scenario is that it doesn't impact 3G/wifi signal strength at all, and far more likely is it makes things worse.

I will also freely admit I don't have an iPhone 4, and have not tried this, so take my naysaying with a grain of salt, but I'm really saddened that I'm the first person here to recognize that maybe wrapping a radio in metal wouldn't be helpful to reception.

Add a Metal Back to Your iPhone 4
10/16/10 05:07 PM