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You could research fire retardant sprays like the one I found here:

I would be interested to know if there is a product a professional would recommend for this. Seems to be a wise idea but I have never done it before and do not know how effective it would be.

DIY Burlap Wallcovering
Kara's Kottage

11/8/10 02:37 PM

Oh boy. Ignore my first comment. I did not read the descriptor and just assumed the table was a family heirloom of some sort. My mistake. Spray-painting a Target table is perfectly acceptable.

Before & After: My Dramatic Table Overhaul
11/7/10 11:46 PM

Call my name and I will appear :-)

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
11/7/10 10:36 PM

After visiting and seeing how they look I also decided to make some burlap curtains. Our local Jo-Anne Fabrics has a great selection in different colors/shades. I picked the lightest one and am currently stenciling on a fleur de lis like pattern on it with black acrylic paint. I am hoping the juxtaposition of rustic and formal create something special for our space. They will be hanging in our dining room :-)

DIY Burlap Wallcovering
Kara's Kottage

11/7/10 09:42 PM

Oh now I am quite disappointed anckSuNamun. I responded to your other post before seeing the one above. This is what you would consider something "good" to say? I can now see why you have such a problem with my critiques.

Annalea's "Keep On The Sunny Side" Room
11/7/10 08:59 PM

AnckSuNamun... if you have such a problem with me and what I have to say then I cannot imagine why you would waste your time reading all my posts? And I respectfully disagree with your assessment that my posts are neither good nor interesting. Obviously it held your attention long enough to read it all and just because you disagree with what I have to say does not make it bad. I appreciate your feedback though :-)

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
11/7/10 08:50 PM

Freddiemac, I just noticed your post now. If you click on my name you can see all my posts which will give you a clear indication of who I think should win. And I agree that this room was appropriately awarded the top spot over some of the other rooms in this competition. It seems people are either voting very literally (like for rooms where every surface is painted a different color... even if it looks ridiculous) or just voting for the room they like best (regardless of how un-colorful it is.)

Though I personally do not think this room is the best representation for the criteria of this competition, I still like it a lot :-) And I am glad to see Suzanne got the 15 gallons of paint!

Suzanne's "Bohemian" Bedroom
11/6/10 12:22 PM

Agreed zappledd. The average person tends to vote with their hearts (the room they like best or the room designed by someone they know) rather then their heads (the room that best represents the criteria set forth in the beginning of the competition.)

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
11/6/10 12:06 PM

Oh no. I would gladly take this table in its original beauty over the dollar store re-make. What have you done?

Before & After: My Dramatic Table Overhaul
11/6/10 12:11 AM

I am guessing they could track people by their computer's IP address but that would not tell them the difference between multiple people logging into different accounts from the same computer versus one person logging into different accounts from the same computer. I think the way to get the most accurate results is to not show the vote counter during voting. New people logging in that favor one of the bottom two rooms may not vote for either of them if they see it is a lost cause. The blog entries probably sway a lot of people as well. But oh the delicious debates it creates!

Also my comment on a beautiful room meant this: Yes, this room looks nice which would fall under the "beautiful" requirement for the winner of this competition... but I do not myself consider it the most beautiful room on the planet since I agree it looks more like a dorm room or someone who has just moved in and not had a chance to set up all their furniture. (something about everything sitting on the ground gives off a very unfinished vibe to me).

The second part of that comment meant that in my opinion this room does not meet the colorful requirement for the winner of this competition. And obviously painting every wall a different color is a very literal translation of colorful and not something I myself enjoy in the least. But kudos to those brave enough to try such a thing.

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
11/5/10 04:37 PM

I love burlap! It is so rustic and natural looking. I think your idea is great! Though I personally would not want it on my walls and am not a fan of the tacks. I am working on making door/window draft blockers for the winter with foam pipe insulation covered in burlap. Much like the ones in the twin draft guard commercials. I think they will look perfect in our old house as well as helping with energy bills :-)

DIY Burlap Wallcovering
Kara's Kottage

11/5/10 10:54 AM

Regardless of the little things Josh did do himself, I still do not think this room deserves to win this contest. Maybe if it were a contest to determine the most beautifully staged room on the planet... since that is what it looks like to me.

I think the most beautiful, colorful room on the planet should be both beautiful AND colorful. Not just beautiful.

I also do not like how cluttered the room is with everything sitting low or on the ground. It feels unfinished.

Overall, it is a nice room, but I do not think it should be the winner in the context of this competition.

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
11/4/10 03:33 PM

Correction: The other leading room does have a few hand crafted elements. My mistake.

Annalea's "Keep On The Sunny Side" Room
11/4/10 03:12 PM

Roger... Come on. You complain that I am too vague and then complain when I give a detailed design critique. I think it is rude and petty to distract from what this competition is really about (a colorful, well designed room) by attacking people personally. I mean, researching a person's background? That seems pretty creepy and unnecessary. And your passive aggressive "cute room" does not fool anyone.

I will tell you why I think this room should win:

It is colorful (I think the other leading room lacks greatly in this category)

It is functional (AKA it does not look staged unlike the other leading room.)

It is self-designed (Why reward someone for a design they did not create? Which is the case for the other leading room...)

It is beautiful (this is rather relative but personally I hinge it heavily on the interaction of color, movement, and style throughout the room... something I think Joi's room lacked in a big way. Nothing personal about it.)

And the fact that most elements in this room were hand crafted as opposed to paid for (again... unlike the other leading room) play a small part in my decision as well.

How about we leave personal attacks at the door and decide who has the most beautiful and colorful (as well as authentic) room.

Annalea's "Keep On The Sunny Side" Room
11/3/10 11:29 PM

I think it is a little naive to assume all contestants are not asking their friends and family to spread the word about voting. And I personally find it VERY hard to believe that a contestant with a "design blog" of 60,000+ followers would have only 533 votes by now. Are we being "a bit" dramatic Roger?

Annalea's "Keep On The Sunny Side" Room
11/3/10 05:17 PM

Wow, you are really moving up! I have to say that I am glad :-) but that may just be because your room is closer to my style then "New Orleans" Kitchen. I do not think your room should win overall, but I do enjoy it!

Suzanne's "Bohemian" Bedroom
10/27/10 09:44 PM


While I would love it if even one of our rooms were in any condition to share with you all... we just moved and are still not fully unpacked. I will gladly describe its state though: Our bedroom has... a bed... nothing else. The second bedroom has a TV... nothing else (not even a chair). Our bathroom is white from floor to ceiling (ick). We still have my husband's two Ikea chairs (double ick) in the family room... and our living room? Let me just say it is a hot mess. Do not even ask me about the basement. This is why I did not enter the contest.

Joi's "Color Me Happy" Room
10/22/10 05:04 PM

Love it. I disagree with Judaii about it being bland. You are using all primary colors which normally reads as very preschool. Your ability to use this combination and have it not look crazy or childish means you have an astute eye for color balance. And I think the fact that someone could even call these colors bland means you were successful in using them. The room is colorful yet soft, playful yet sophisticated and it has wonderful movement and balance throughout the space. Well done.

Annalea's "Keep On The Sunny Side" Room
10/21/10 03:46 PM

You should ask who his designer is so you can look forward to more of his designer's designs instead...

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
10/21/10 03:32 PM


I understand that you entered for fun but when you did so you also opened yourself up for honest opinions/critiques. Truthfully the only reason I felt the need to get so in-depth with your room is first because I was told by Roger F that vagueness "is not within the standards of the AT community" and second because your room is in the lead when I do not think it should be. I am genuinely shocked at how many people think this room deserves to win over the others in this division. I am sorry if that hurts your feelings but it is how I feel. I also think that you should not be hurt by what I said because you designed a room that you love and when it comes to actually living with a design... loving it yourself is really all that should matter. But that is not how it works in a competition. Thank you for putting your room out there to discuss though... if you could not tell... I love to critique.

Joi's "Color Me Happy" Room
10/21/10 12:45 PM