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I have a friend who's greatly helped reduce my bookshelf footprint. We used to trade books all the time between 3 to 5 of us, but then ended up wondering what to do with the books once we were done. www.paperbackswap.com has been a blessing for finding our used books a good home! And for any new books we want? Three of us now have kindles, and we share them on amazon, so we can all be reading the same book at the same time! Love love love my kindle!

Day 13: Declutter Books or Media
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/4/10 01:20 AM

I love love love Schmitt Sohne's Blue Riesling! I do a happy dance everytime I find the blue bottle with the Sun on the label! Curiously, checking out the name online, I just found out the Relax riesling is from the same winery (it's easier to find).

Who Loves German Riesling Wines?
10/15/10 02:01 AM