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I have worn out 3 tapes and 1 CD of the soundtrack from Footloose, my favorite soundtrack is "Greese", and my 3rd favorite is the a virtually unknown one - the soundtrack from the movie "Less Than Zero"

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10/21/08 09:54 PM

I tend to favor classic styles with an emphasis on comfort. Clean lines, sleek designs (no flowers or lace), and cool, intense colors.

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10/21/08 09:46 PM

Wow... these are positively breathtaking.

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12/22/07 02:49 PM

I'm a Earl Gray fan, but I'd love to find someone who offers Lemongrass tea (not another tea flavor with lemongrass in it, but straight lemongrass tea). I fell in love with it on my honeymoon in China and really miss it now.

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12/22/07 02:48 PM

got to agree with antiseptic wipes

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12/15/07 06:58 PM

Melf's Mouthwatering Tomatoless Chili. One of my collage roomies had a non-lethal allery to tomatoes but loved the taste of chili. She would eat it anyway and just get sick afterwards. This drove me crazy, so I invented a recipe that she could eat and not get sick from that still tasted just like regular chili.

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12/15/07 06:05 PM

Perfect for carving the Tofurkey this Christmas!

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12/12/07 09:05 PM

I would use it to blend up the raisins soaked in Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and the rest of the ingredients I use in my Mum's Rum Yum Cake.

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12/8/07 02:30 PM