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If you're in NYC, try the Couch Doctor. They just sawed my sofa in half and built it back into one piece. It cost $375 (including delivery from the store), but now I have a perfect couch so I think its worth it if you can afford it.

Alternatively, I love (almost bought) the Playground Sofa made by Eilersen

It sleep 1 or 2 smallish, cuddly people.

Good Couch That Will Fit through Narrow Stairway?
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8/17/11 08:34 AM

I love how insane this is. And the little ingenious solutions to an absurd situation. I hope your place is prime real estate and dirt cheap (so you can go out to dinner everyday). I wouldn't like there but it my favorite!

Luke's Barely Habitable
4/25/11 12:23 PM

I'm surprised I have a (relatively) new problem after reading all these interesting comments. I love to cook, love to show off my apartment, always need a little extra motivation to clean it up, and I'm not shy about having people sit on whatever they can get comfortable on - it's the combinations of friends that I find challenging.
Cast the net wide and risk an awkward mix?
Or plan it carefully and choreograph all the meetings? How many is a good number for a small apartment (about 500sf)? A wild card in a house this size is risky!

What Keeps You From Entertaining More Often?
11/4/10 08:28 PM

This is an old thread but... in case anyone is still interested - can one but replacements for the Togo covers? I'm thinking about buying on craigslist but the color is a little funky (in a bad way) for me.

Ligne Roset Updated Post | Apartment Therapy New York
2/13/10 09:54 PM

Yes - its a Kohler Greek and I took the picture through the skylight. The toilet, for anyone who likes the square style is a Kohler Escale.
Thanks for your comments,

Tips for Tiny Bathrooms | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/18/09 05:35 PM

Thanks, I'll try to get a better photographer in here! I love your place too dahlush (I think it's yours in the contest?).

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Dehlia's Calm, Cool Collected Tiny Division #50
4/29/09 09:54 AM

While I'm all for saving water, taking shorter showers seems to be a pretty inefficient way to do it. Compared to industrial water use these kind of efforts make little impact. Something is better than nothing, I know, but this is just a green gimmick. Cluttering up your life with green gadgets strikes me as much higher impact than just enjoying a long rinse and foregoing the extra plastic, the energy burned manufacturing, transporting, recycling and or dumping that plastic shower curtain in the landfill when the idea gets old (or mildewy).

Apartment Therapy Boston | Green Warrior Shower Curtains
4/22/09 06:03 PM

Lovely place! Very nice light.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Engin's Patient Coordination Tiny Division #47
4/17/09 09:43 PM

Love the red bikini hanging up, that's hot!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Cool 2009: Jenny's Hawaiian Shoebox Tiny Division #11
4/17/09 09:34 PM

Hi Everyone, Dehlia here - thank you so much for your comments and your thumbs up. First of all - I wish I had put the kitty in now! He was all over the place while I was taking pics... I'll be sure to get him in if I make it to the next round, he's really the best part of the house anyway.

A few answers to some questions - yes, its a Kohler Greek tub (good call bepsf), and a Kohler Escale toilet, and a Lacava Auquapicolo sink. I took the bathroom picture through the skylight by climbing up onto the roof and shooting straight downwards - it opens but there's a screen. I'm surprised it came out so well through the screen actually. Also, a key to making this bathroom so open feeling is that the shower curtain is hung by a track from the ceiling.

The bed is Atlantico/De La Espada (also off craigslist!!!), the light - I'm not sure of the brand, but I bought it at Future Perfect in Williamsburg and they have a website with another version that's also gorgeous. The rug I bought in Mexico when I was 14, one of my first decor finds and I still love it. It is natural black sheep/white sheep. I go for natural materials and dyes most of the time, they tend to absorb the light in a certain wonderful way.

As for the how to - I designed every inch of the place myself, plumbing, electric, demo, everything and did what I could with the help of my girlfriends, then we discovered some serious structural problems and the project grew way beyond my abilities and was turned over to the pros - thanks Mike! They did the bamboo, actually it would be easy to DIY *if* your ceiling is level. Then you can hang it just like I did the curtains for the closet, materials from Simon's Hardware.

Thanks again! I'm so glad you like it!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Dehlia's Calm, Cool Collected Tiny Division #50
4/17/09 07:17 PM

Well that cat is so cute I don't see why you need a rug. But if you must have one... I'd recommend a woven rug instead of this kind, they don't shed and are much healthier anyway without the glue that holds the tufting onto the backing of this type of rug. I have a big furry beast like yours and I've found that he immediately rolls around on his back on every rug I bring home. I have a few small ones but I have to clean them constantly. Couldn't we make rugs out of cat fur and just simplify the whole matter?

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Choosing a Pet-Friendly Rug?
4/16/09 09:43 AM

Nothing against 1200 sq ft apartments, in fact I recently moved from big hovel of an apartment into an officially "tiny" palace that I designed every inch of. It really is about the creativity aspect for me. I learned tons about how to make a tiny footprint feel spacious from the smallest coolest contests and other sources on really small apartments - not just relatively small ones. Sourcing or making furniture and appliances that fit into a >600 sq ft space is a lot more difficult than just picking out the standard sized stuff and arranging it to look pretty. A space that *everyone* can agree is small is a totally different project.

Apartment Therapy New York | Coming Next Week ... Small Cool 2009
3/22/09 12:23 PM

I have to object - here in New York 1200 square feet just isn't small. This contest seems skewed towards overgrown midwestern cities.

Apartment Therapy New York | Coming Next Week ... Small Cool 2009
3/20/09 10:38 PM

Thanks for your help thus far. What do you think, is borate non-toxic for people and cats? Now that I know what these devilish beetles do its all to familiar. They must be everywhere.... What do you think? Should I keep the armoire, beetles included?

PS - That's a jens risom lounge chair in the picture with a junkie west elm cushion on it (from an outdoor sofa they sold last summer).

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Questions: "Greening" It After Extermination?
2/28/09 07:07 PM

All I can say is Kohler Greek. Its a four foot long, deep and just a little bit wider than usual tub. There is actually room for two in my 4x6 bathroom with this charmer. And yes, a small wall hung sink makes a big difference.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 7 Ideas for a Tiny Bathroom
1/28/09 11:26 PM

The contractor who did this house, Michael Streaman, also did my apartment. He is really fabulous - I'm so excited to see him and all of the people that worked on this project getting the recognition that they deserve!

Apartment Therapy New York | Reminder: This Old House in Brooklyn Premieres Saturday!
1/23/09 08:52 PM

I bought a natural latex mattress with a wool top and organic cotton cover last year, after noticing how much heat and static my old regular mattress retained in the summer, not to mention the dire health warnings I read. The new mattress is fabulous - I think this is really something worth spending a little extra money on.

Apartment Therapy DC | Tips for Buying a Green Mattress
1/19/09 12:08 PM

I'm looking into doing the same thing and have found a mirror and glass store that will fabricate the glass in the right size. As far as I can tell so far it will be pretty easy to paint the back (or the wall - in case I hate the color later) and attach the glass with some epoxy and little wooden ledges around the edges. But I've also considered a much more basic option that I saw on here a while ago - just a piece of glass leaned up against the wall behind the stove.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Back Painted Glass Backsplash?
4/15/08 03:36 PM

Guess what? Women create more housework for women too!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Men Create More Housework for Women?
4/8/08 12:41 PM

This is a great discussion. I just renovated my tiny 4x6" bathroom and tried as hard as I could to figure out how to fit a bidet in there. After learning how to use one properly in the course of my travels it seems hard to go without one. There is a lot of confusion about how they work in this thread. Since I am used to the American TP way, I just add the bidet in to the equation when its available. Basically, I treat it just like a bath or shower, soap, rinse, etc. This cannot but be cleaner than TP alone. Q: how do you attach the sprayer to the toilet - and doesn't that mean the water is really cold?!

Actually, I was inspired by a really interesting art exhibition in New York a few years ago about Lotahs, a South Asian version of the bidet, a water jug that sits in the bathroom for this precise purpose. For more great discussion of culture class over bathroom practices, see this review of Lotah Stories. A whole new decor question too!

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Survey: Would You Use a Bidet? Is it a Good Green Choice?
3/29/08 07:16 AM