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There's also http://www.lifeproof.com/shop/cases/iphone-4-4s

Underwater Tech: Aquabeat MP3 Player, iPhone Swimsuits & More
4/23/12 10:44 PM

Anyone who buys any phone for more the $600 is retarded.... And this coming from a guy that has about 30 different cell phones at one particular time...

The World's Most Expensive Cellphones
4/25/11 11:44 AM

I have a 20mb/15mb connection for $19.99

How Fast is Fast Enough? Bandwidth Requirements
4/12/11 06:50 PM

Be carefule with DD-WRT.... It's killed many routers! Tomato is a little bit less drastic.

How To Easily Monitor Your Daily, Monthly Home Bandwidth Usage
1/24/11 12:26 PM

Try not only putting up with it at work (I'm in IT at a large corporation), but also, every weekend going to my parent's house and dealing with it there too. I told my wife we should have moved far away from them... :p

Final Frame: No More Tech Support!
10/14/10 11:45 AM