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wow I am almost positive that I have that exact same table in number 21, the one from the flea market..I got mine from an antique shop traveling through West Virginia. have you figured out what the folding wings on it are for?
love your home btw it is so relaxed and inviting

Mike & Maddie's Sweet Nothings
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3/5/11 06:28 PM

You said your tastes were bold and modern. Black and white is timeless and yet has this chic modern appeal.
Maybe this picture will help lend you some inspiration for a rug...
this picture for pillows
this chandelier .....
and this bedding....
just some ideas:)

How To Re-Decorate In Just Two Days?
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3/4/11 09:26 AM

It's so cozy and I love the fact that you did not feel the need like so many others to paint your kitchen cabinets white. It has such a warm comfy feel and I like every bit of your home.

Dragan & Elissa's Eclectic Energy
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11/1/10 11:03 PM

it seems to exude a sort of quiet gratitude and a spirit of simplicity, having only the bare essentials. It would be so wonderful to be able to create a space such as this and call it home.

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10/18/10 11:37 AM

oops here is a link to the moodboard

Bedroom Furniture to Accompany Mirrored Dresser?
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10/15/10 02:04 PM

I made a moodboard real quick that I think would look beautiful.
I included the blue cirrus bedding from anthropologie, a cream velvet tufted headboard, the mirrored dresser, and a silver silk Versailles gilt chair that would look beautiful as a nightstand perhaps since your room is so tiny.
Some framed vintage black and white vogues would look beautiful on the wall, and the cream pitcher would look lovely on the dresser with some pink roses or peonies. And then for a rug, maybe a cream flokati.
Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

Bedroom Furniture to Accompany Mirrored Dresser?
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10/15/10 02:03 PM

As far as unique pillows than, I found a great diy for monogrammed burlap pillows..
And there's a great Etsy store that sells pdfs for iron on transfer. This is my new plan..ditch the kilim pillow and do it myself:)

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10/15/10 12:47 PM

thank you all for your advice! I'm new to the whole decorating thing, I'm a newlywed with my first real place and am always open to ideas:) I can't wait to try some of them out, like the modern rug for some more cash flow to come my way and I'll be set:)

Do These Paper Lanterns Work in Eclectic Room?
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10/14/10 08:05 PM

First of all I love the mirrored dresser..and I think this bedding/bed from anthropologie would look perfect with the mirrored dresser.
It is the cirrus bedding in blue..It is like a nice delicate pouf of cloud and the bed frame adds some french chicness. I think it would look very tranquil. Good luck!

Bedroom Furniture to Accompany Mirrored Dresser?
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10/14/10 08:57 AM