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I think this contest should no longer call itself Small COOL contest but just Small Contest. In general, all entries are pretty boring and there's nothing cool about them.

Lesley's Tiny Family Home Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 02:39 AM

Avsolutely love it! Where did you get the hands bowl on the window? It's so beautiful.

Jacqueline's Bright & Airy West Village Studio House Tour
3/14/14 03:13 AM

Which design blogs do you read to get inspired?

Evan's Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio House Tour
1/23/14 03:51 PM

Where did you get the elephant on the wall?

Before & After: Corinna's Garden Shed to Teen Retreat
1/4/14 04:43 PM

Fantastic apartment! Loooooove that mirror, where is it from?

Sophia's Bookish Live/Work Apartment House Tour
6/18/13 02:32 AM

what about a Murphy bed? Don't know if they are too expensive, but that would leave you more space and a sense of airiness during the day. Congrats on the new flat!

Where To Put Bed in Studio Apartment?
Good Questions

10/11/11 08:36 AM

Hi! Where's number 3 in the 1st row from? There's no link to it. Thanks!

20 Colorful Pillows — All Under $100
11/17/10 03:22 AM

Thanks for this cure! It was fun to do it, my home feels so much better now, although I'm sad it's over!

The 20/20 Home Cure

11/16/10 08:25 AM

Great advice! thanks! I'm leaving on a long weekend but will take my art to frame next week and will do as you say!

Day 19: Hang Artwork
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/11/10 10:37 AM

I did this a couple of months ago. and it felt really good.

Day 18: Declutter Medicine Cabinet
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/10/10 08:31 AM

It's too expensive for me to buy flowers every week, so instead I just picked some lemons from my lemon tree in my terrace and put them in a bowl - they look gorgeous!

Day 17: Buy Flowers
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/9/10 09:52 AM

I will fast all weekend. I'm going to the mountains so no Internet, no TV and no radio. Yeah!

Day 14: Media Fast
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/4/10 09:15 AM

Great list, it really helps!!

How To Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days
11/2/10 09:25 AM

Flowers are pretty expensive here in Barcelona (cannot get a bouquet for under 6 euro) and the ones I bought last week still look nice, so I will get fruit instead this time! plus, I need to eat healthier. Thanks again for the videos!

Day 12: Buy Flowers
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/2/10 09:13 AM

I think I'll cook some pasta as well!!

Day 9: Find a New Recipe and Cook Tonight!
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/28/10 08:11 AM

oooooooooh, I already have a landing strip. So no homework for today :-) I can tackle the kitchen instead, as I am doing the kitchen cure as well.

Day 8: Establish a Landing Strip
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/27/10 08:37 AM

Thanks for the video! I will seat in our guest room, which we actually use more to just throw things inside that we don't know where else to put. I deffinitely have to do something about that room.

Day 7: Buy Flowers & Sit for 10
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/26/10 08:45 AM

I love it. Spectacular. It really shows your personality, which is what a home should do. Congrats.

Caroline's Pint Size Retro Whimsy On A Budget
House Tour

10/21/10 01:38 PM

First of all, I must say I love the videos you are making. I'm also reading the book, which is great because it explains the process more in depth, but watching you on the videos motivates me even more as it feels more personal.
I actually started the therapy through the book a month ago but had to stop due to very serious problems at work, so I was happy to see that the therapy was online for everyone to follow and participate! It feels less lonely. So I did do the giving away something, and it was books, lots of books. It was the hardest things as I love my library and I had never let go of a book before (and I have tons), but it felt really good and my study room now is much lighter!

Day 4: Remove One Item and Set Up Outbox
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/21/10 09:04 AM

I admire its design and decor, but I would be uncapable of living here. To me, it's just too cold. It's a cool place to go to dinner to if you are visiting a friend, but not to stay forever...

A Sexy, Concrete Studio in Brazil

10/19/10 04:09 PM