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I was there a year ago. My suggestion is to look for english basements or house apt. units - they're cheaper, you'll know your landlords, and usually they're taken better care of b/c they're in someones house.

Also if you're looking to live with a roommate it's best to find the apartment and then the roommate. This is what held up my search. I went to several "open houses" where 30 people would show up. Once I found my apt. I had the power to choose who I wanted to live with.

But in the end be patient - it took me three months to find the right place and in a good neighborhood. In the end it was totally worth it though.

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9/2/11 01:27 PM

This post made my day, I just moved into my new (crummy) apt in DC yesterday and woke up feeling like I had made a huge mistake. But it's nice to know that I'm not the only one paying outrageous rent for a crummy place (english basement, cold, and apparently has a slight bug problem) for the location and life. Some how knowing that I'm not alone in my logic makes me feel like my decision was valid and a little better :)

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11/18/10 12:33 PM

I think this is in response to the horribly ugly forest green carpet picture that I sent in of my new apartment. And it's sort of helpful, anyone else have any suggestions on how to deal (I'm a renter so tearing it up is not an option)?

How To Deal With Wall-To-Wall Carpet Woes
10/28/10 09:22 AM

Been there! Literally been in Chicago with only 10 days. Luckily my landlord and I were tight and he let me stay in my place for a couple extra months for cheap. However when faced with only 10 days to move and this not being an option here's what I did.

First get on CL immediately (padmapper is an awesome adaption of that but sometimes misses the mark, so always double check on CL).

Also KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS - brown line friendly ones include; Gold Coast/Old Town, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, River North, Lincoln Square, Montrose area, etc. <Note that Lincoln Park and Lakeview have a ton of studios in your price range, Edgewater (which is off the red line has them for cheaper too)

Apartment finding services are hit and miss from what I've heard, but the ones where friends have been successful have been Apartment Finders and Apartment People.

And then lastly use your time wisely, pick a day (or two) and have them scheduled with back to back appts that are near one another so you're not trekking around the city. And always have a back up - meaning you may find the place you love but have another one lined up just in case it falls through (sadly it happens).

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10/28/10 09:17 AM