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i could see where this would work, but it's not a necessity. i'd call it a luxury item, personally. great, yes. beautiful, yes. necessary, no.

Two Islands in the Kitchen: Do or Don't?
9/1/11 12:42 PM

My parents just moved last I ended up with pretty much everything from my old room. They downsized from a 4 bedroom to a 2 bedroom and it all had to go for the most part!

I still feel at "home" where they moved to, because they actually ended up moving into the house my husband purchased (before we were married) and lived in right after he graduated from college. It's a small world.

Have Your Parents Moved?
8/17/11 05:24 PM

Nice to see a lot of Kansan's on here! Hello from Wichita! The train really is crazy loud here, we're in East Front and can hear it most nights, even with the windows closed. I love the kitchen! I'd love to see more, I'm calling for a full house tour, please!

Georgia's Wonderful Wichita Home
House Call

7/23/11 01:41 AM

We're in Kansas (and today it's going to be 105!) and we used the blow in cellulose from Lowe's (GreenFiber) and it works great. We also installed an attic fan, which is nice, but we want to eventually do a whole house fan. The attic fan just isn't quite enough for how hot it gets here...and we don't have central air upstairs, which is where the bedrooms are in our house.

DIY Insulation: Best Method?
6/30/11 10:30 AM

I agree with some of the statements above, I think a slate would look great. However, since slate is a relatively soft stone and tends to split/flake, I'd go with a slate-look ceramic with a black, blue-grey and green movement in it.

I LOVE the look of the green tile!

Recommend Bathroom Tiles To Compliment Existing Tiles?
Good Questions

6/14/11 01:49 PM

at home, i keep my mac neat and tidy and hardly have any icons at all. at work, i have a dual screen and due to the nature of our work (architecture) we have multiple versions of multiple drawing programs, so i have to keep those on my desktop in order to open the right drawings in the right program. so, i have one screen covered with program shortcuts and one screen that is completely empty!

Your Desktop Organization and What It Says About You
5/24/11 02:24 PM

oooh! i love this! i won some free tile at an industry event and i'm doing a similar pattern to this! it's an 8" x 20" in a high gloss light grey and now i can't WAIT to see it all installed! it will make living through the demolition that much sweeter.

Extra Large Subway Tile in the Bathroom
5/17/11 03:15 PM

i'm dealing with about 150 leftover milkglass vases in my guest bedroom right now...hoping to sell to a couple of my friends soon!

The Fascinating World of Wedding Leftovers
5/2/11 03:09 PM

ironically, i just picked up a great platter in white at target on clearance for just $10 this past weekend! the thing is massive, i'm talking like 24 inches at least, but i know i'll need it soon (think super bowl) and who can pass up that great of a deal?!?

5 Things On Sale Right Now To Help You Entertain Later
1/4/11 04:56 PM

hah, that's kind of funny...i work as a commercial interior designer at an architecture firm and we were just discussing the pillows on cam and mitchell's sofa. we happen to have the fabric (the pillow fabric, not the curtain fabric) in our architectural library!

Identify Fabric Pattern from Modern Family?
Good Questions

12/6/10 04:06 PM

my mom pickles and cans her left over green tomatoes and they are to die for. she throws in some jalapenos and a ton of dill. delish!

Got Green Tomatoes? 5 Ways to Use Them Up!
The Splendid Table

10/13/10 02:16 PM