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There are a few things here I really like. I'm moving into my first home soon and the most i can afford is a small apartment around the same size as this.

Seeing your solutions has been very helpful!

I have found i do like the use of canisters in the kitchen - shelves seem much cheaper than cabinets. Also if i can see what i have i tend to use it rather than leaving it to sit in a dark corner somewhere and forgetting about it.

I like the use high storage in the bathroom too. Shallow shelves there would be ideal for liquid soap refills, disposable shavers etc - all the things you don't need every day in easy reach but need to have space for. Excellent idea! :-)

I also like your seating solution. We hope to have seating for guests but are unsure of how we can seat more than 2 people on the couch. You've manage that little extra without cluttering up your place.

I also love the way the couch appears to have sections that would make it look like it is longer than it actually is - encourages people to just sit down rather than umming and ahing about whether or not they'll fit!

I've got some great ideas from your place so thanks for putting it up :-)

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