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the little white clock is from IKEA

Erin & Ben's Cliff May Modern
House Tour

1/28/11 03:16 PM

Thank you for all the nice comments! it is really fun to read through them all. I have to say that the weaknesses that people are pointing out are the ones that I realize already, like the yard, so thanks for lighting a fire under me. :)

On the subject of art, I get what artstormer is saying... but my philosophy is that you should buy what you like, period.
I personally bought the artwork that is in the house for no other reason than I liked it. The fact that it looks "matchy" is simply becuase those happen to be the colors that I always lean towards.
what would be wrong i think is if a painting was put in a room just to offset something.
As long as you like a piece of art i think it works, regardless of whether it matches or not. :)

Erin & Ben's Cliff May Modern
House Tour

1/28/11 12:58 PM

@meechele the color is Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey

Erin's "Peacock" Living Room
10/18/10 09:59 AM

Thank you everyone for the nice comments!!!
The rug is from Global Views.
@lsugrad03 no, I am not from louisiana but my dad goes to jazz fest every year and gets one of the limited edition posters. The blue dog is my favorite! :)

@violet yes we did just move in! I would love to see how yall did your house! Love the cliff may architecture. :)

Erin's "Peacock" Living Room
10/14/10 04:17 PM