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I am one of the owners of Lookmodern. Initially I felt this unsolicited commentary by Apt. Therepy didn't require my input, but having just re-read it, I now feel compelled to address a couple of issues.
* Lookmodern product comes almost exclusively from three sources:
1. Denmark
2. Major auction houses on the east coast
3. People who call us with items for sale

Craig's List, E-bay,estate sales, or local auctions combined constitute less than 1% of our product inventory. Our business model is simply not structured to accommodate that type of buying. That being said, if an estate sale advertised a house full of quality Danish modern furniture, I would be a fool not to go. I attended two estate sales last year. Regarding the story of L/M buying a chair on Craig's List out from under another "buyer", the truth is my business partner's son was responsible for that. He thought it was a Hans Wegner papa bear chair, or, as he still puts it, his dream chair. It was not a papa bear chair, but rather the familiar copy by Skipper. Lookmodern (his dad) bought the chair from his disappointed son. Having explained exactly what happened, I still have no problem with someone buying something someone else wants. Welcome to our world, and I hope you have learned a valuable lesson if you decide to continue the pursuit of "vintage" merchandise. Believe this, if that's all that has happened to you in this business consider yourself quite lucky. Most of us "dealers" have legitimate tales of woe that
dwarf yours. I'm still trying to collect on $28,000 for a load I sent to L.A.....well, you get the idea.

2. Regarding trillium's comment that one of these posts is a shameless shill: I do not know the person who wrote it (benson). I have asked around and no one has yet copped to it. It is not my (or Lookmodern's) style to post a comment like that. Mostly, it's poorly written, and that bothers me as much as the syrupy content. Probably a friend trying to do us a favor when we first opened. Believe this instead, if I wanted a comment posted extolling the virtues of L/M, I'd do it myself, but I don't do that. I prefer to let my product and presentation speak for itself.

3. Regarding j-pdx accusation that we are rip off artists and scammers: I have been in business for 40 years, much of it in the "vintage" trades. You will find no one, outside of perhaps yourself and the woman that didn't get what she wanted, who thinks I am a scammer or rip off artist. No one. Go ahead and call them all. Every dealer. Every auctioneer. Even every dealer in L.A. I take that comment personally, and it's unwarranted.

4. Finally, the business model for Lookmodern is unique to the vintage trade. 80% of our sales are internet based, and yes, we are doing quite well. Sales are up sequentially and growing on average 20% per month. That is not a bad rap on Portland (where I was born and have lived my entire life), it's just a fact that our little town simply cannot sustain as large an operation as Lookmodern has become. That is why we're only opened three days a week. The rest of the time we're working and shipping. Trucks come and go daily, so as to the above comments about L/M being too expensive, well, perhaps, and as much as I would like to explain our pricing structure, I'll have to do that another time because now Ihave to go..... I have four pieces of furniture to put on a truck to N.Y......

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