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The term fizz can generally be used for drinks that have some spritz, but a classic fizz has lemon juice and carbonated water.

This is correct, which makes it all the more puzzling that you would post a gin fizz recipe that contains no carbonated liquid. What you've come up with is a riff on the Greyhound.

Recipe: Grapefruit Gin Fizz The 10-Minute Happy Hour
6/20/14 01:11 PM

After our week solid of rain my tomato plants are aggressively yellowing, and my little zucchini fruits are turning brown at the tips and falling off! Cucumbers seem to be alright and herbs are fine. This is the first year that I'm having these problems, not sure what to do. Any advice?

Regina's Garden Update: June Spring Projects from The Kitchn
6/18/14 10:16 AM

Hi Kat, I read your blog post but didn't see any details about how you applied that high gloss paint. Did you just use a regular 3/8 nap roller, did it take a certain technique to keep imperfections down?

Before & After: Powder Room Exceeds Its Potential
6/18/14 10:11 AM

I learned this technique years ago from a friend who was from Vietnam. Love that it's less wasteful as well as beautiful. I don't slice it into rounds though, after I remove the top, bottom and all the eyes (step 3) I rinse it thoroughly (she said this removes any of the bitter oils held in the eyes), pat dry, cut in half length wise. Then cut the halves in half length wise (so quarter the pineapple), then stand each quarter on end and slice down to remove the tough core. Then I lay it back down on that newly cut flat surface (lovely diagonal cut surface facing up) and slice 'across the grain' so to speak to get lovely 2-3 bite pieces.

If you ever wanted to impress your mother in law with your knife skills this is a great way to do it ;)

How To Cut a Pineapple in the Prettiest Way Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/18/14 10:04 AM

They specifically say "(i.e.NOT the paint and brushes or rollers)"

They are talking about dollar store drop clothes, etc. Although to be honest I would not advise cheaping out on painters tape, there is literally no worse feeling that finishing a multi-day paint job, peeling off that tape, and seeing your new paint has bled underneath :(

5 Places Where It's OK to Skimp on a Paint Job
6/16/14 11:44 AM

I don't know man, I've had one too many projects hit the 6 month mark and look like crap because I used the wrong paint. Wall paint does not equal furniture paint. Trim paint does though. I painted a desk top with leftover semi-gloss and it looks horrible now. Every single paper-like object I sit on it STICKS. Awful.

Also, test pot paint specifically says on the labels that it's not to be used as a top coat as it lacks...something I don't remember specifically. I've always wondered if they just made that up so people wouldn't get clever about using them for projects instead of buying full priced quarts. Those sample pots are ABSURDLY large now, it's like - well what the hell else are we going to do with them?? Jerks.

5 Places Where It's OK to Skimp on a Paint Job
6/16/14 11:15 AM

Gorgeous! Love the green glass, lovely touch.

Before & After: Backyard Gate Gets More Glamorous Reddit
6/16/14 10:14 AM

This is super cool and I love turning flat doors gorgeous with molding.

However, her comments on nail guns were...absurd in the extreme. She used liquid nails for all that trim work because she has the impression that ALL nail guns are dangerous, require air, and cost $350.

Girl, get yourself back to Home Depot and pick one up:

I did a whole house of trim with it. Didn't kill myself once :)

Before & After: Rita's Really (Really!) Amazing Closet Transformation
6/16/14 09:59 AM

Oh sweet lawd with that first picture. Someday my friends, someday.

Garden Design Classics: The Armillary Sphere
6/13/14 04:24 PM

Good to know!

Weekend Shopping Alert: 10 Great Things On Sale RIGHT NOW June 13, 2014
6/13/14 12:55 PM

I guess if you live a life where you rarely see these this could work. As someone who works around these in a not pretty environment every single day it just looks like the same old ugly parts shelf dipped in gold paint.

Before & After: A Grimy Garage Shelf Turns Into a Storage Showpiece
6/13/14 12:54 PM

What do you think a 'braise' is? Your mom is very wrong, trust your grandma. Low and slow baby!!

Is My Grandma's Method for Spaghetti Sauce & Meatballs Safe? Good Questions
6/13/14 10:21 AM

The link to the product is actually in the post, just click on it.

Before & After: IKEA Tray Table to Double-Decker Cat Bed
6/13/14 10:18 AM

Dude. This is awesome. Sucks the table is $60 though. I've been meaning to do the last of these diy plant stand tutorials, maybe I could finesse it into a diy Trendig :)

Before & After: IKEA Tray Table to Double-Decker Cat Bed
6/13/14 10:10 AM

Her blog post is worth reading, very informative. I learned how to polish vintage brass hardware on the cheap AND that Kilz has a new self-leveling bonding primer on the market which I will be picking up very soon! Great post!

Before & After: Brown Dresser Launches New Campaign
6/12/14 01:10 PM

Uh, just because a comment is below another comment does not mean the second is in response to the first. Also helpful? The 'in reply to' tags.

Before & After: Brown Dresser Launches New Campaign
6/12/14 01:09 PM

Well, we don't have kids yet, but room picking has still occurred. My husband snores like a freaking chainsaw/bear/whatever analogy you prefer. I mean earplug+fan+air conditioner penetrating loud. We (I) decided he got to have the spare bedroom with the slightly less comfortable mattress because he was the one making all the damn noise.

How Did You Decide Who Gets Which Bedroom?
6/10/14 09:48 AM

Beautiful find and beautiful choice. I really like that you took the shadow piece out from behind the glass door, it looks much better that way. Excellent, excellent job!!

Before & After: A Tag Sale Hutch Gets a Fresh New Look
6/9/14 11:01 AM


This is exactly what I plan on doing to my kitchen later this year. Thank you for posting this and helping cement my confidence!!

Kitchen Before & After: From Blah Brown to Gray and White For $700 Kitchen Remodel
6/6/14 12:41 PM

I'm 99% sure that salad bowl is stainless, and am 100% sure that dresser is solid pine.

I'm also 99% sure that cheap ass ubiquitous vanity in most people's half baths is made out of MDF.

Before & After: IKEA Rast + Salad Bowl to Sleek Bathroom Vanity IKEA Hackers
6/6/14 12:33 PM