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My boyfriend bought me the most amazing tool for keeping the bed warm when he's not there- a heated body pillow! It works just like an electric blanket...when I get home I bury it under my blankets and sheets (on his side of the bed of course) and when its time to get in, my bed is so warm and cozy. Also works as an amazing muscle relaxer at the end of a long day or tough yoga class, I'll lay on it lengthwise and it releases all the tension from my back and neck. It's the best! Also, allows me to keep the thermostat at 55 when i sleep (hearty New England girl right here!) The model I have can be found at the link below:

Winter Nights: Tips for Keeping Warm in Bed
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3/2/11 07:19 PM

Perfection!!! I absolutely love this home! The reading nook for your daughter is such a fantastic idea! I love it all :-)

And oooooo the chandeliers! love!

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2/25/11 12:51 PM

This would look AMAZING in my living room! I have a very small apartment in a gorgeous part of Boston (location, location!) and finding the right accent furniture is what keeps me happy in that little place!

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11/30/10 01:41 PM

Hi Jon- I had a similar problem and my aunt, who is also a baker suggested a tray of water on the bottom rack when cooking. Also, I got into the habit of baking with parchment paper quite often..it helps quell the burnt bottoms of cookies

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10/11/10 04:06 PM