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Be sure to post pictures of him on his 24th birthday after he passes his CPA exam.

Best Kids Parties: Rock Star My Party
3/14/12 09:48 PM

What are those lovely paint colors used on both the window trim-blue and that lilac color on the built-in hutch? And that gray and pink staircase and wall? Those are stunning, actually the whole place is stunning but those colors are fabulous. It seemed like all your colors listed were all whites. Please advise. :D

Alexandra & Eliot's 1890's Farmhouse
House Tour

1/14/12 12:59 AM

How much warmth can u really be saving with it next to a patio door and down low to the ground? Rip.It.Out. Its like making a toilet paper holder the focus in a bathroom, it was never meant to be seen. Clearly the builder wanted to fill up the space and thought hey lets put a fireplace here! Put a new fireplace real or gas or whatever on a real wall and rip the other out. Its just crazy making these weird modern flourishes builders use.

Ideas for Decorating with a Corner Fireplace?
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10/14/10 01:35 PM

The trick is to buy a classic style there and not abuse it too hard. We have 2 LACK bedframes and shelves and many Ribba frames and they are doing just great as are the mattresses.
Some blame has to go to the overwhelming home decor/home renovation trend where people think they will be happier with a new home and not content with what they already have. They stir the pot of desire, and people need products to buy what they can afford. But people need to be educated on quality and purchase accordingly. I think there are alot of people with little creativity/vision/confidence to pull off redecorating so IKEA is a convenient way to get a look together. Personally I think it looks best used sparingly and with items of age as they show in the photos above. But if given the choice between no dresser and Ikea dresser I'd choose the latter. But they could at least make an effort to put a back on their furniture so it looks good on all sides-(byebye particle board backside!) or make it adaptable with other items ala our wood block kitchen carts & bookshelves, which we adapted with baskets, they could do a better job of engineering accessories that fit their products. They should also be mindful that studs in america's walls are not the same world wide, and their shelf supports should accommodate that fact. But those are comments i guess for another discussion.

That's IKEA? Inspiration from the Chain's Swedish Blog
10/13/10 02:36 PM

That plummy red is pretty but it totally competes with the lovely light woodwork and black trim. Maybe a more lighter chinese red would make it more warmer, or a warmer sunny gold would set off the black and white accents more to pull it together. But what a view.

Mike's Fantasy Addition in the Sky
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10/13/10 01:58 PM

Like spray starch for ironing?

Look! Rental Friendly Wallpaper Solution
10/13/10 01:47 PM

Just like a Wes Anderson vehicle to depict women as expendable; considering the rest of Stella's most recent ads where the women suddenly go out of focus and are substituted for A PRODUCT, you and Stella are a match made in heaven. Cheers Wes to your misogyny!
Judging by the comments here it appears the rest of the people were blinded by the wood grains, gadgets and furniture. You are in good company Wes! Cheers to lemmings!

Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola's Swingin' Stella Ad
10/13/10 01:40 PM

I have a foam Sultan Favang and it is brilliant, got it 1.5 yrs ago but it wasn't comfy enough, so I added the under support frame with the 60 wooden bent bars on it now i could die on it and wouldn't give a damn. Aince mine was a twin it ran 240-280 total. I expect to have it at least 5 more years, I also have tried putting one of their more basic foam mattresses under it on top of said support like a normal mattress setup and that was delightful too. You just can't go wrong with ikea beds but the materials get better like 80-120 more than you want to spend and makes all the difference . BTW tried the Sleep # bed yrs ago and they are horrible.

Preview: IKEA Sultan Erfjord
A Year in Bed Project

10/11/10 04:08 PM