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Thanks for this post. I would love to see some cool, unusual brands for induction. (Especially any ranges that still use the nobs like those above.) Anyone have thoughts/links?

5 Awesome White Kitchen Ranges
5/16/13 12:26 PM

Two duvets, no top sheet is the only way to go. One note for those Stateside, though, is that you won't have the best results with two twin size duvets. The duvets in Scandinavia--and perhaps other European countries--are slightly smaller than the ones in the US. And that size variation makes a huge difference. is a great resource.

Scandinavian Style: Two Duvets on One Bed
3/30/12 10:35 AM

Have you tried the Duxiana? Have had one for about 10 years and will never be able to sleep on anything else. Without a doubt, the Swedes have it right!

Preview: IKEA Sultan Erfjord
A Year in Bed Project

10/11/10 02:28 PM