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I love the balance you were able to achieve between the sharp lines of the tables, lamps, and angles within your focus wall and the natural feel of the beachy accents. Also heart heart heart your puppy! Great work!

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10/23/12 10:18 PM

i just bought the ergorapido and to my disappointment it really doesn't have enough power to pull dirt off wool rugs. i'd love the opportunity to give this bad boy a whirl around the floors

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12/8/10 09:59 AM

this is the last item i need to finish my place. i'd be honored to display such a handsome table. ooh la la

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12/8/10 09:56 AM

“Once you’re a jet you’re a jet all the way…”

Thanks for the write-up, Leah. I think you definitely captured the life and serenity found within the splashed walls of my shoebox! Of course, the colors might be a little overwhelming (or offensive heheh) to some, but I’m glad Team Color appreciates the spirit. Admittedly, the true colors of the walls are best captured in the photos I submitted for the contest (thanks stillpool.com!), as the sun was quickly fading when Leah snapped her pix. Leah, I do love how you show all the incredible sunlight and shadows that dance on the walls. Absolutely sublime if I do say so myself.

As for the TV tray, that was literally the only piece of “furniture” I brought with me to the condo. It’s part nostalgia, part laziness, that I haven’t gotten a new end table. I, too, find it ironic that after spending so much time and money pulling the place together, that this rickety tray has still survived. TV tray FTW.

Those chairs from Target were such a steal and def comfy. I have sat in them for hours on end without a crick in my back. And the Elfa organizing system from Container Store was a Godsend. Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitations. I shopped around to all the other big box stores and these were by far the best product out there. Perhaps a bit pricey, but if you wait until the new year, they usually go on sale for 30% off. Oh and the shower curtain is from Bed Bath and Beyond. I finally put one of those 20% off coupons to use!

YL2008, I tossed and turned over whether or not I should put a wall up to make this a 1br, but decided I liked the open layout better to maximize the light. Perhaps the wall would help keep out odors when I cook pungent food, but thankfully I just open my two sliding glass doors , which air out the condo sufficiently. Also, if my bedroom was going to be open and on display, I thought it would force me to keep a tidier place. (The tactic typically works.)

What’s funny is that some days I don’t even notice that there are colors on the wall! Even so, I think it’s important for color aspirants to go for it. Worst that can happen is you get sick of the color or it rubs you the wrong way after a while and you have to re-tape all the stinkin’ floorboards/corners/ceilings again. What a pain that was!

Anyway, I sometimes surprise myself that these saturated hues are my neutral, but I do love the color and enjoy the place immensely . Returning home to this color bath makes me smile. At least for this go around. I’m certainly open to suggestions for the next round. Any ideas or recommendations?!?! Until then, come over and visit any time…esp if you like to paint. =)

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12/7/10 11:31 PM


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10/21/10 08:59 AM

I suppose there are a few benefits of being single. I can chose any color(s) of the rainbow I want to live in (and hug with)! heh heh heh. In all seriousness, I’m so thankful for my friends who taught me how to paint and leant me more than a few helping hands! @joco, you definitely have my vote for bold colors! @colleen2009, you’re hilarious – too bad you can’t vote every time you log in! hahhaha Thanks for all the favoritos!

Janelle's "Viva La Femme" Room
10/19/10 10:30 PM

Thanks for the comments, people! I do love my place. It's bright, fun, and certainly cheerful. The duvet is from West Elm, dresser is a diaper changing table from Overstock that I switched out the knobs for mercurial class ones from Anthropologie, and I chose the more neutral furniture b/c who knows what colors I might want to paint the room when I get bored of these? =) Thanks for the support and I hope to see you at the "nationals" hahaha

Janelle's "Viva La Femme" Room
10/13/10 06:00 PM