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Ok Nate Berkus raves on constantly about how much he hates anchor walls (one wall a different color than the rest) because he says it looks like the person was too lazy to paint the whole room in that color. Yet, oh look...he has an anchor wall in his bedroom. Practice what you preach, Nate-o! Oh and while you're at it; learn how to speak without all the "up-talk;" you're not a valley girl for crying out loud!

As for the rest of them, they're pretty much yuk-o! I like my own room better...and I'm poor! Even though I keep it quite clean (it's my refuge so I make an extra effort to make sure that this one room has no chaos), you can tell that I live there. There's a warmth, style and personal connection to the items and vingettes around the room. Sorry designers; I'll take my crummy little room over all of these any day!

Getting Personal: 15 Designers' Bedrooms
4/1/12 12:52 AM

Hi Sarah, I love the desk. And don't worry about the stuff around it. Has a very AT look to me! Here's my 2 cents worth.

There is a paint color by Behr called Bleached Shell. It's the warmest white I've ever seen, or perhaps it's the palest pink I've ever seen! That might be a color to use that will honor the pink without overdoing it. Then, just to give a nod to the color your family had used; paint the inside of the drawers whatever shade of pink you want. If you can find hardware that will fit the same hole spacing, you might want to change that out as well...or not!

I just finished upcycling an old desk that had great bones but a few flaws (oh, and identical hardware to yours.) I painted it an antique white all over, then covered the drawer fronts and top with old, coffee stained, sheet music to hide the flaws. I then painted the inside of the drawers turquoise for a surprise pop of color. I was never able to find hardware to fit the current holes so I'm using the original hardware. However, to my delight; it looks fab.

Whatever you decide to do, take your time and have fun doing it! I hope we'll get to see the before/after later here on AT!

How to Refinish Heirloom Desk?
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10/6/11 10:46 PM

You've struck a nerve on one of the few things upon which I have an extreme opinion. I'm shocked and disappointed that there is a single person on the planet who actually likes bagless vacuums. I think the person who invented bagless vacuums should be sentenced to go house to house, all day every day for the rest of his life, emptying these filth distributors and cleaning up the vacuums, back porches, driveways and carports that get filthy as a result!

How can you empty a bagless without all of the crap you just vacuumed, being stuck up inside, above the canister, and you have to shake and beat the darn thing to get that nastyness out! But oh; it didn't all come out. So...I have to stick my arm up inside and pull out all the crap! Filth gets all over the vacuume, me and anything nearby! I had two bagless machines in a row and one day, after yet another battle, I just lost it. Cleaned myself up and went to the store to buy a REAL vacuume WITH BAGS! Finally, no mess to clean when I change the bag. Geez vacuum makers; is that so hard?

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3/17/11 10:08 PM

Is it just me or does the floor suddenly become a dining room table? If so...GROSS!!

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2/20/11 08:03 PM

Ok, you're from Pasco and I'm from Yakima. I have to know...where did you get that Eiffel Tower lamp? It's so cute! Really hoping it was a semi-local purchase!

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1/1/11 07:07 PM

I too love the rug but I'd also like to know where to find the bulletin board and sconces in photo #5.

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10/9/10 04:28 PM