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Hi Folks! It's Sonja! Thanks for the generous comments. Wanted to address one thing...

The Fireplace: The reason it is covered is because it's a non-functioning fireplace with a completely tiled facade, leaving no opening. My dream is to have a functioning fireplace but this one doesn't cut it or even create enough intrigue to be the focal point of the room.

Bepsf- I appreciate your suggestion of the room swap! I think about doing that often!

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11/26/10 07:25 PM

@bear- The cabinet the TV is on is from Room & Board.

@Bridget212323- The 3 Cushion Sofa is from Room & Board.

Thanks, Sonja

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10/11/10 01:48 AM

Hi Everyone...This is Sonja! Thanks for the generous comments thus far!

First, I wanted to mention that much of the artwork are original works from the artists on the website I run called Poster Child Prints (PCP)

The website is dedicated to selling limited-edition screen prints from a wealth of artists. I started "PCP" to make art accessible to collectors of all stripes—So even if you cannot afford the gallery prices, you can have a great high quality signed and numbered work of art to make your walls more "happy".

Now, I will address some of the questions:

@ KayinKCMO - Yes! It is the Linear File Cabinet and I highly recommend it! Love it!!!

@azstar - I got the houndstooth pillows from Jonathan Adler. The houndstooth run also:)

@alexanhl - The base of those tables is from some old speakers I found at my mom's apartment 10 years ago. We took the speakers off the base and I bought a round tabletop from a hardware store and now its a table! I wish I had a more concrete recommendation for you, but just get creative!

Thanks, Sonja Teri!

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10/9/10 02:43 PM