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During my initial seasoning, I made Pizza in it at least once a week. Being a bachelor in my 20s helped the process. Make sure the pan is well oiled and pre-heat it before spreading the dough in it. Pizza is best made in a very hot oven which helps the seasoning as well. Another advantage of the pizza is that cleaning the skillet after use consists of brushing the darkened flour out and wiping it down with an oily paper towel. 30+ years later the pan doesn't see many pizzas but is still superbly seasoned.

Help! Why Won't My Cast Iron Pan Stay Seasoned? Good Questions
7/10/14 11:49 AM

As with the majority, seasoning is not going to work on non-heated surfaces. With Cast Iron, the oxygen in the atmosphere is enough to start the rust process, I think if it were mine, I would try a very very light coat of medical grade Mineral Oil. Vegetable and animal oils are not going to do well in the cold environment of the mortar and pestle.

Plan B would be to oil the items with a good household lubricant and hang them on the wall.

What's the Best Way to Season My Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle? Good Questions
7/1/14 02:45 PM

Cheaply and permanently done, Hardware stores carry letter and number stamps for a low cost :
that and a hammer will mark in the handle or bottom of the pan forever. If you are worried about doing it yourself or don't wish to buy for a single use, look in the yellow pages for a machine shop, stop by and let them do it for you.
For a few dollars more, a trophy shop will be able to etch an ID into the metal for you.

What is the Best Way to Mark My Cast Iron Pans? Good Questions
2/19/14 12:11 PM

And since when is water a zero sum game?
Living and working with irrigated hay and grain (yes in the arid western US we do irrigate all crops) the water is used many many times before it runs into the ocean. This is just another attempt by those that seem to need to control everybody else's life by their own standards.
Water must be used wisely, but driving the meat producers out of business is not going to increase the fresh water available to the third world where fresh water is at a premium.

Infographic: Do You Know How Much Water You Eat Every Day?
10/11/13 11:11 AM

According to family lore, my grandmother helped the family survive the Great Depression by baking home-made hamburger buns and selling "meatloaf burgers" at the Colorado State Fair.
At least once per summer, a meatloaf is made, shaped into patties and grilled on the back patio.


Have Any Tips or Recipes for Making Meat-and-Veggie Burgers? Good Questions
9/4/13 06:43 PM

As soon as the food comes out, water goes in, when it is cool enough to scrub with a nylon scrubber ( a friend was the floor maintenance person for a grocery store and he would bring the centers out of the floor scrubber pads home, perfect for the job and the right price) it gets scrubbed and rinsed, If water doesn't bead on it, a light wipe with oil or spray with Pam and popped in the old fashioned oven with a pilot light. The pans are 40 years old and nothing sticks.

The Best Way to Dry a Cast Iron Skillet Tips from The Kitchn
5/29/13 09:53 PM

Like Bill L , I would recommend removing the electronics (as scary as that seems) and cleaning the housing. Replace the wall cord (1920s vintage equipment used cotton as an insulator). If the heating coils break as you remove them, they probably will, an appliance supply house will have NiChrome wire by the foot that you can stretch the coils and replace the heating elements. If you are not comfortable doing this kind of work yourself, look for a hacker-space locally or pay an appliance repairman to make sure the unit is safe. As old as it is, it will not have modern UL safety devices installed and fire or electrocution is not the way to be made aware of any defects after the extended storage.
Looks like a fun project.


What's the Best Way to Clean This Vintage Toaster? Good Questions
12/31/12 11:40 AM

Having been there, not as anything having to do with food other than eating much of it, the hours are long like any restaurant but there are usually few complaints as long as it is hearty and healthy. It is usually a struggle to get food workers from dishwashers to chefs. I have met people with Masters and Doctorates washing dishes and wiping tables just for the experience of going to the "Ice".
If you are at all interested, check out for all the job listings. They are hiring right now.


Too Hot in the Kitchen? Antarctica is Hiring Chefs!
7/28/11 04:46 PM

RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) is a serious problem with some difficult fixes, I am a RF technician and you would be amazed at the things inside a radio that are affected by it's own interference.
Many of the "Touch Panel" appliances work by using the fact that our bodies are good antennas. I know I am dating myself, but if you had a "transistor" AM radio as a kid, you may remember that some stations would not come in unless you were holding the radio in your hand. Your body was the long antenna and you were using capacitive inductance to the antenna inside the case of the radio. The touch panels often have small antennas just under the glass and register the higher amount of RF noise as an input. Walking by with a cordless phone, cell phone or as above living in a high RF environment will often cause those controls to malfunction. I imagine the fix for the OP's control was to put "chokes" on most of the wiring and reduce the sensitivity of the controls.
If you suspect that kind of problem $150.00 is kind of steep but usually less than repeated service calls:
This device may help convince the service guy to check his data sheets and find the proper fix.


Help, My Kitchen Is Possessed! When Appliances Act Crazy
6/9/11 06:43 PM

Being an emergency responder, I have lived off of MREs for weeks at a time (after Hurricane Rita stands out in my mind) They will keep you alive and with enough hot-sauce don't even taste too bad ;-)
If you have any LDS (Mormon) neighbors, check with them on survival food with long shelf lives. They have a real good source and have many suggestions on use.

My Emergency Food Dilemma
3/18/11 01:27 PM