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I do the roommate thing in a private residence. I keep the heating/ac vent closed winter and summer. During heating season, my room stays warm enough 90% of the time. If I require a bit more heat, I use a 400 watt electric heater for a boost, which I hardly ever need to do. During cooling season, I cool my room with an energy star window A/C, still keeping the heating/AC vent closed. Our household electric bill has gone down since I moved in. One of my roommates bought an energy star window A/C, too, and our electric bill has gone down even more. A tech that I spoke with told me it takes half as much electricity to cool a room with an energy star window A/C than it does to use central air. So far, he appears to be right.

The Best Way to Close Off Any Vent
1/19/11 07:13 AM

Every step in the "less is more" direction is a good step.

I live in a 9 by 12 room and share a bath and a kitchen, so I've already wrapped my head around the small cottage concept.

Good job!

A Berkeley Professor's Tiny Backyard Cottage
1/19/11 06:43 AM

I found a nice little two handled soup bowl at the dollar store for, well, two dollars, and this particular style is perfect for eating soup and stews. They're easy to handle and they keep soup from cooling too fast.

Soup Gear: Farmhouse Double-Handled Bowls
1/4/11 09:36 AM

Why is there so much anger out there? And a general lack of civility, too. Or is it that the Trolls have finally found a medium?

This is just a guy who likes his gadgets, a gadget freak, so cut him some slack. He's having fun.

I run a 24" iMac with a ton of external storage, a 17" iMac running Ubuntu, a G3 iMac, and an eMac. I also have a couple of tiny iPods and an iPod Touch. I also love my Kindle. I'm having fun, too.

Does it really make any difference if we're Apple Freaks or Android Freaks? Apparently it does if you're a Troll.

My Tech Top 10: Joel Pirela
12/31/10 08:27 AM

It's not so much "iPad alternatives" as it is the computing donut hole these tablets are going to fill.

Tablets are both portable and personal. I can sit down on the couch and watch a movie or read a novel. I can sit on my rocking chair out on the front porch and watch TV news or I can take my tablet into the kitchen and follow along with the recipe I've chosen to make for my dinner. When it's time to write to my friends, I can sit down at my desk, plug in a mouse and keyboard, and write to my heart's content. When the mood strikes, I can shop or surf or make a phone call. Portable and personal.

I personally don't care all that much for the zillion apps at the App Store. Apps are simply applications and I'll only ever need a handful at best, so Android or Apple are just fine by me. I'm sure either will suffice.

I've already wrapped my head around the idea behind my Kindle and iPod Touch. Personal and portable. I'm already there. My next computer won't be a computer at all. It'll be a media tablet and it'll be personal and portable.

Non iPad Alternatives
12/26/10 05:05 AM

Massive hard drives are exactly like closets and movie hogs like me get weak in the knees at the prospect of bigger and bigger drives. I'm almost at capacity with three 1TB drives now, although I've recently decided it makes more sense to let Netflix maintain my movie collection than it does to keep buying hard drives.

Still, I'll probably buy another pair of drives soon, one for back up, of course, but since I'm cutting back on hoarding, it'll be a pair of 1TB drives.

And that, as they say, should be that.

(famous last words)

It's Official: We Now Have Too Much Hard Drive Space
10/8/10 09:43 AM