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i'm totally into it. it's my kind of creepy, but i grew up with vintage taxidermy. there's definitely a line for me though, whole taxidermied posed animals i find awful - i went to a bass pro outlet in calgary and had to leave it was so upsetting. 1000's of posed elk and wolves, who died to sell me cargo pants. *shudder*

Decorating with Stuffed Birds?
2/1/11 04:03 PM

honestly, the cleaning required *before* people show up is the problem! i think i threw one party in my last apartement - of 2 years! turns out i have a higher tolerance for disarray than most...

What Keeps You From Entertaining More Often?
11/4/10 04:58 PM

YES! i JUST moved, and have been bemoaning my lack of direction. when oh when! will the home cure start, i asked... huzzah!

The 20/20 Home Cure: Join Us Monday!
10/13/10 06:26 PM

michelleb, we are in the same boat.. but you're paddling WAAAAAAY faster! i moved september 1st into a large studio space, with way less closet space. Was waiting to unpack until painting was finished. Well, it's done now, and the thought of diving into those boxes is so daunting! Where the hell is everything going to go?!

How Long Does it Take You to Get Settled?
10/7/10 07:21 PM