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tissue paper applied with water OR
portable screen in in front of window OR
drape lace table cloth evenly over rod (resulting in double layer for more privacy and no sewing OR
twin flat sheet with cafe clips on rod. recommend adjustable tension rods whenever possible to avoid installation holes then take with you when you move. over kitchen sink, i have the rods as outside mount in front of window because they are firmly held in place on side cabinets & makes window look larger..

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3/6/12 01:44 PM

you had me @ Noguchi =)

Derek's Cozy and Affordable
4/26/11 10:30 AM

remember to offer servicable, reusable items FREE on NeighborGoods or CraigsList, just not in the trash to end up in landfills.

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1/5/11 09:27 AM

goo gone - use as much or as little as you want and the glue just melts away in no time

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12/26/10 10:00 AM

nice to see a glimpse of your little helper =)

Happy Holidays & The Best of 2010
12/20/10 08:22 PM

your home reflects the fun people you must be =)

Steve and Nancy's Vintage Sunset Inspired Home
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12/16/10 01:13 AM

how about the harry potter people and places?

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12/16/10 01:06 AM