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It's not really that unusual. In Australia loads of older houses where build pre-electricity with a stove such as an Aga, set in a chimney in the kitchen.
However, I've never seen a reno retaining the chimney done that well; most people rip the chimney out.

Look! A Kitchen Stove Designed Into a Chimney — With the Mantel Intact
7/27/12 12:57 AM

Food processor over a blender. The slicing and grating attachments make it so much more versatile than a blender. Second the suggestions of adding an immersion blender.
I recently bought a thermomix and got rid of my blender. I'm still planning on keeping the food processor because the slicing and grating feature is a labour saver when you're making big quantities.

What's Better for a Small Kitchen — a Blender or a Food Processor?Good Questions
7/13/12 12:28 AM

Juice of 1,2,5 lemons is my pet hates in recipes particular recipes for baking where the juice is a key component. I was looking for a lemon butter/curd recipe and very few recipes gave an exact quantity which is frustrating as the you could end up with a very liquid or overly thick curd depending.
I've seen a few cookbooks state that the an average lemon will produce 40-60ml of juice.

How Much Juice Is In a Lemon? Good Questions
7/11/12 11:02 PM

Heston Blumenthal has been recommending cooks turn the meat every 15 seconds. Refer to the steak episode 'How to cook like Heston' .
Apparently only flipping once results in the steak going cold on one side and an uneven layer of rare v well done. "Flipping the steak allows more even heat to gently radiate through the meat but, funnily enough, it doesn't take any longer to cook" according to Blumenthal.

The Key To Perfectly Grilled Meat: Constant Flipping (Plus A Few Other Tips!)
6/14/12 12:53 AM

I keep table salt in a shaker (which rarely gets used), cooking salt (for salting water for cooking pasta & potatoes) and malton or sea salt flakes for seasoning stews, sauces, meat etc.

Demystifying Salt: 3 Essential Types
3/21/12 12:51 AM

I've popped bread dough into my bed with the electric blanket on in the past.

Use a Heating Pad for a Quicker Bread Dough Rise

2/17/12 02:27 AM

Bill Granger has been featuring a similar method in his cookbooks for years without the plastic wrap.

Best Chicken Breast Ever? Try This Semi-Sous Vide Method
7/14/11 12:48 AM

My solution for a non shrinking pastry is not to use water in the dough. Obviously the water evaporates and causes the pastry to shrink. Instead I use eggs for a non shrinking and more delicious crust.

No More Shrinkage: 4 Tips for Blind Baking Pie Crust
6/3/11 01:25 AM

If your Wushof santoku, which until this point has been effortlessly slicing through onion, suddenly requires more force, best you check that it's not slicing through your thumb nail and thumb. Also particularly pay more attention if you have ten people arriving for lunch in an hour.

Kitchen Accidents: What Lessons Have You Learned?
5/21/11 02:04 AM

I've got the spiked one that fippss mentioned and I don't like it at all. The spikes shatter the shell into tiny pieces and there's nothing worst in then crunching down on egg shell in the morning (perhaps only topped by sand in lettuce).

Stephanie's Favorite Odd Tool: Soft Boiled Egg Top Cutter
3/31/11 12:43 PM

Australia - as ebarrett3 & RosieGreenie mentioned, beer, wine & spirits can only be sold from a liquor store. Liquor stores require a liquor licence to sell alcohol which is issued by the state government. There are some independent liquor stores but most are owned, or franchised stores owned by the two major grocery retailers, Woolworths & Coles. Most shopping centres will have a small liquor store attached to the supermarket but you generally have to do two separate transactions. You'll often find bottle shops attached to pubs. As ebarrett3 mentioned, you can buy 'takeaways' over the counter from pubs but it's not very popular these days since the proliferation of separate liquor stores offering a better range and prices.
Until a couple of years ago, the state I live allowed bottle shops attached to pubs to sell on Sundays but freestanding liquor stores couldn't. Also liquor stores can't trade on Good Friday, Anzac Day & Christmas.

Buying Liquor: State vs. Private Stores
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

3/18/11 11:57 AM

I counted 17 - toaster, kettle, Nespresso milk frother, Nespresso coffee machine, microwave, Kenwood chef, Barmix, Dualit hand mixer, large rice cooker, small rice cooker, slow cooker, icecream maker, blender, spice grinder, grill, food processor and juicer.
I originally purchased the large rice cooker but found it too big to use just for one cup. The smaller size is perfect and we use it a couple of times a week.
I rarely use the food processor - the mill attachment on the Barmix is fine most of the time. And I'd definately vote for a Barmix immersion blender - my mum's is still going strong after 25 years.
I could easily get rid of the juicer - in fact I might get rid of it this weekend.

A Tale Of 13 Appliances: What Stays and What Goes?
3/16/11 11:17 PM

Recipes that list 'juice of 1/2/3 lemon(s)' Sometimes you can get 2 tsps of juice and other times 1/4 cup of juice from a single lemon. Recipes which use a substantial amount of lemon (lime, grapefruit, passionfruit) juice such as lemon butter should detail the specific amount ie fl oz, mls.

Cooking Confessions: What Are Your Recipe Pet Peeves?
2/24/11 06:11 AM

My first step is to trim off a tiny sliver of the root end - just enough to remove the dirty root but still leave the root core intact. Then I cut in half (north to south), peel then slice or dice. Never try and peel an onion whole unless you have to - it takes twice the time.

Help! How Do You Control Onion Skin Clutter?
2/17/11 08:59 AM

Yepp, a digital one and I use it every day. I use to have the exact one featured in the photo but the display is very small. I got a new one when I started baking at my BF's house and it has a much larger, illuminated display.

The other BIG advantage over using cups is that there is much less washing up using a scale. Just the bowl that you're going to mix things in anyway and maybe a spoon (though most of my dry goods have a scoop stored inside.

I'm pretty good at maths but even I find doubling/halving a recipe is much easier when using a scale. And is is just me or does anyone get grossed out seeing Ina Garten leveling cups of flour with her finger?

Survey: Do You Own (and Use) a Kitchen Scale?
2/2/11 10:08 AM

Something I only realised recently but a roux can be whisked into a soup or liquid at the end of cooking. Although classic recipes have you make a roux and then add liquid, you can it in reverse. I find this works great for chowders - for some reason, the vegetables taste nicer when simmered in stock free of flour.

Why Potato Starch Is My Favorite Thickener for Soups
1/9/11 03:05 AM

haha, i had cee lo green playing when my boyfriend's mum arrived a couple of weeks ago. I was on the over side of the house to the stereo when she arrived and desperately made a mad dash to turn it off. Instead, my mad dash sparked her curiousity and she insisted on hearing the song.

Tips for Prepping a Dinner Party Playlist
12/3/10 07:36 AM

I first learnt to make 'white sauce' when I was about 8 yo. I can still remember stirring constantly and waiting to feel the 'skin' form on the bottom of the pan that indicated it was close to boiling.
Re the cold v hot milk. I learnt initially to make by adding cold milk and needing to add very slowly so it doesn't form lumps. The last few years I've changed to using hot milk. Firstly because you don't have to incorporate it as slowly as cold milk and secondly because the sauce will come back to boil much faster. Since you have to stir the sauce constantly after adding the milk as you wait for it to thicken, hot milk results in less stirring time. While using cold milk might involve a few more minutes if just making a cup or two, when making 6 cups for lasagne, you can be there for quite awhile.

How To Make a Béchamel Sauce (White Sauce)
11/15/10 12:09 PM

My favourite shape for Mac & cheese is curly macaroni. It has a ridged surface and just looks cute.

The Best Shape? Wagon Wheel Mac N' Cheese
The Cheesemonger
The Cheesemonger

11/9/10 09:34 PM

I found an extra long roll of parchment paper that is the perfect width of my baking trays (I own 8 identical trays). My plan is to take the whole roll to work one day and use the guillotine to cut into lengths to fit the tray.

Off The Roll: Large, Flat, Professional Parchment
10/17/10 03:51 AM