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What about making seitan? The ratio of amount of flour needed to amount of end product is pretty high so it should help you get through the flour a bit quicker.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Can I Do With 10 Pounds of Whole Wheat Flour? Good Questions
8/18/09 09:23 AM

I'd be tempted to get some kind of screens/curtain panels to close the area off partly and make it more into a separate 'room'. That might help remove the on show feel.Also, I don't know if it's just me but as it is it looks like a terrible tripping accident waiting to happen.

After that use it for whatever you like. Personally I'd use it as kind of a kitchen pantry . I'm thinking shelving with all my ingedients, jars of jam, less regularly used kitchen equpiment,cook books, etc.

Apartment Therapy New York | Ideas for Awkward "Stage" Area? Good Questions
8/6/09 09:49 AM

I haven't posted an update yet- but it seemed appropriate this week as my one room remedy is the hall. I'm not incredibly lazy- we're actually putting up a partition wall to create a new room.

Floor Plan
Pic 1
Pic 2
Does anyone have any good resources for pictures of hall inspiration- I find that most interior mags don't bother with hall pictures?

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Spring Cure: Week Three - Entryway
3/27/08 02:15 AM

Hi, I'm another UK curer, I'll pobably hang around New York since it is technically 'closest' to me :)

Apartment Therapy - Fall Cure 2007: Starts This Coming Monday!#comments
9/10/07 03:17 AM

Thanks for the bed suggestions, I'm probably leaning more towards a folding bed (thanks zooza I'd forgoten all about that option), I work from home full time so I want to keep my office more officey and less cosy sleppy :)

If it doesn't rain this afternoon I might squeeze in some garden curing.

The Spring Cure: Week Four - Weekend
4/3/07 12:59 AM

So I have started on my office, and am now typing on a cat hair free laptop. My office is in our spare bedroom, which at the moment is fairly bare. We got rid of our horrid (child sized, saggy mattress) spare bed in last year's cure but never replaced it with anything so we currently don't have anywhere to put guests. I'd like some kind of double bed but I'm not really sure what to get- we definitely don't have the room for a proper bed, maybe a sofa bed- but do we really need another sofa? air bed? What do you do for a spare bed?

The Spring Cure: Week Four - Weekend#comments
4/2/07 04:46 AM

I'm still a bit stuck on my entrance, fiddling about trying to arrange the furniture and sort out a landing strip. I have, however, cleaned and rearranged my living room including moving the TV etc and the masses of disgusting dusty wires involved.

I have a question about hardness and softness, does this include bathrooms? We've finally tiled our bathroom floor and we definitely have an echoy feel now- which would make sense since we're all hard easily cleanable surfaces- should I try and soften it, or are bathroom inherently hard? I can't really imagine adding cushions and rugs and we already have a couple of plants and big fluffy tiles.

The Spring Cure: Week Three - Weekend
3/26/07 07:17 AM