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LOVE the pattern of the shade.

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12/8/10 06:26 PM

Oh my gosh, would be perfect for my small apartment!

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12/6/10 05:59 PM

Love the solid look of the wood paired with the fabric. Great combination!

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12/2/10 01:47 PM

Drool... this is just gorgeous. Mirrors can be such works of art.

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12/2/10 11:18 AM

Does anyone know where one can get hands like those above the fireplace? I just love them!

Nancy Mims' Playful and Patterned Home
House Tour

12/1/10 09:20 AM

Throws are so wonderful to have around, and these, as gorgeous as they are, would be even more wonderful to have around. A work of art masquerading as a utilitarian home accessory!

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11/30/10 08:02 PM

Hurray for being eco-friendly!

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11/29/10 06:06 PM

Oh my gosh, I drool over Le Creuset... I've dropped countless hints to my boyfriend over the years, but still, I have no Creuset in my kitchen. Definitely crossing my fingers for this! Love the color too!

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11/29/10 06:01 PM

Wow, amazing lamp! Love the bulb. Definitely crossing my fingers for this one.

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11/29/10 01:33 PM

These are just gorgeous!

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11/23/10 09:12 PM

The DC scavenger link isn't working. All the others work. Or is my computer just bonkers...?

Scavenger Roundup: All Our Finds From Coast to Coast!
10/5/10 05:19 PM