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The link in "Check out the rest of the DIY project at IKEA Hackers over here." redirects to this page.

The Extra-Extra Long IKEA Media Console Hack
5/10/11 03:34 PM

This is a good and informative list but the first and last bullets contradict each other.

DON'T ever put your speakers directly on the floor...

...They're fine on the floor, but not behind a couch or chair.

Which is it?

Also, I second ehannon's subwoofer recommendation.

The Do's and Dont's of Resting Speakers on the Floor
10/27/10 02:05 PM

@RMF325 Oh no! You shouldn't do that...it will make your MBP overheat and may cause damage.

If possible never lay it on a pillow or blanket or couch, basically anything that retains heat.

A Lap Desk Could Save You From "Toasted Skin" Syndrome
10/5/10 01:49 PM