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Cool beans!

Final Frame: L is for Luminous
10/4/10 10:45 PM

Love the IPhone! :)

Costumes: Robot, Subway Train, iPhone & SpongeBob
Homecrafted Halloween

10/4/10 10:43 PM

Quaint and simple, yet to die for! :)

Emily's "Blue & Brown" Room
Room for Color 2010

10/4/10 10:41 PM

I wish we had those here in the Philippines!

Fall Blanket Shopping: 10 Out-of-the-Ordinary Sources
Shopper's Guide

10/4/10 10:41 PM

It looks amazing as it is. The space and the colors are dreamy, putting something more in would be "too much."

Enough Is Enough
The Diversion Project

10/4/10 10:40 PM

I love the Hilary Clinton nutcracker and the painting! :)

David & Wade's Cocktail Oasis
House Tour

10/4/10 10:36 PM