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I've had the worst experience with this company. I ordered the tulip table in May. The table comes damaged. Not only that the box came with nails sticking out of the carton/crate and scratched up my floors. I call to get a replacement. They tell me they will ship me one right away. I hear nothing from them for a week and I call back. Customer service goes "oops" these are out of stock. So I asked why they didn't contact me to tell me earlier. They make up some lame excuse and say this item is on back order you can expect it in July. I call in July they say oh the guy gave you the wrong information, its coming in August. I call in August, they say the same thing, September. September they tell me to call back in October. Its also funny how they always tell me to call back on a date that is Jewish holiday. Since they are all Jewish they never pick up the phone on that day! So I got my table today finally. And guess what the table is damaged again. It's oval and not round! I call back and customer service refuses to give me another replacement and says that I will need to bring the table to their warehouse at my own cost to prove to them that there is a problem and if I wanted a refund I would need to pay out of pocket.
So recap I paid for a damaged table in May that scratched up my floors and got played by customer service for half a year. When I finally got the table, it was damaged again and now customer service won't replace it for me saying that is just how they table is made. They put me on hold for 20 min now and it seems like they went home.
Do not! I warn you! Do not order from this company. There are other repro companies that have far more superior customer service. No one should ever order from them and get played around like I did. In hindsight I should've bought the real thing and saved myself half a year of headaches.

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